Three men begin The St. Louis Banking Equipment Company. They make and install wood cabinetry, letter trays and teller cages.


Offerings expand to include design and construction of banks and office buildings. The name changes to Bank Building & Equipment Corporation of America, which becomes the first design/build firm serving the financial industry.


Between the Great Depression and wars, the company turns to making whatever is asked of it, including pinball machines and beer cabinets. The company also designs St. Louis’ first ever cocktail lounge.


With the adoption of the automobile, the company realizes that cars could be an opportunity to revolutionize the bank. We innovate the first drive-up teller..


Growth and expansion hits hard and heavy. The company opens offices from coast to coast and goes public on the American Stock Exchange. We even acquire companies like Marble Craft and Bonne Terre Steel.


John T. ("Ted") Golitz purchases the company. He realizes there are no true differences among his competitors and sets out to make a change.


NewGround Launches


We purchase Adrenaline to refresh our perspective on branding, design and creative.


You’ll find our headquarters in St. Louis, with additional offices in Chicago, Toronto and Portsmouth, NH. Adrenaline, our sister company that specializes in experiential design, is based in Atlanta.