Tulsa, OK

Downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma is a hot market in 2018 with major revitalizations happening, and TTCU saw a strategic opportunity. In addition to supporting rejuvenation efforts, TTCU desired to serve their members that work and live downtown. The senior leaders of TTCU found a location in the historic Philcade Building, which is also home to the Tulsa Art Deco Museum. The Philcade Building has a rich history and was completed just a few years before TTCU was founded. It is also a stone’s throw away from the original TTCU location. There was no doubt that this was the best location for the new downtown Tulsa branch.

As with most historic buildings, there are many challenges that come with renovating the existing site. NewGround had the task of creating a modern environment while abiding by the guidelines set forth by the Register of Historic Buildings. The existing floor had to be raised 12 inches to align with the elevation of the sidewalk outside. The space also sits under a mechanical mezzanine, making the ceiling design, lighting, and ductwork a challenge. In addition, the floor plan was specifically designed to allow for future office expansion.

The NewGround design team created a brilliant solution that makes a very small space seem much bigger than it is. The lines, colors, and material choices such as glass tile, partitions, and streamlined woodwork make the branch seem more spacious. A mural of downtown Tulsa in the ATM vestibule pays homage to TTCU’s history. The branch is also home to the latest technology, which includes a smart ATM, cash recyclers, and an iPad for product exploration.

The space works great for the TTCU staff. They have fully embraced the concept of the universal banker, so the open lobby environment and teller pod helps them better serve their members. They can operate this micro branch with as few as three FTE’s.

The project was completed on time and slightly under budget.