market snapshot


Learn invaluable insights about your institution

Data is king and if you don’t have a clear picture of the demographics that surround your company, you can’t make the strategic decisions to grow for the future.

At NewGround, our strategists reveal vital insights for institutions just like yours, and we’d like to do the same for you. Give our team one week and we’ll develop a FREE branch growth snapshot for your company.

your snapshot includes Custom

Density of businesses

Learn how many businesses and where they are in relation to your institution.

Median Household Income

Find out what the median income distribution is for your area.

Demographic profiles

Discover accurate data on the composition of residents near your chosen location.

Competitor Summary

Determine competitor branch density and performance.

Expert advice

Drawing data from multiple sources

Gain valuable strategic insights and from multiple data sources and feeds, all synthesized into a concise and actionable presentation deck.

You’ll be able to bring these data and insights back to your team to make crucial decisions about the future of banking like:

  • Where should we build our next branch?
  • Should we combine two branches into one?
  • Is a central headquarters needed to support our institution?
  • Are we missing valuable new customers because of our location? 
scott fiorini

Your Market Strategy Guru

Scott Florini, Vice President of Strategy, has a passion for serving clients by developing in-depth marketing and economic studies, workplace studies, and feasibility analyses. The Strategy Team conducts fieldwork, on-site Discovery sessions, and collaborates with NewGround’s Design and Environmental Teams to provide the best facility solutions for clients. Scott brings over 25 years of experience in consulting for financial institutions across the world.

All we need is your contact info and the address you would like analyzed and we’ll create your customized branch growth snapshot in 7 business days or less.