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Nick DiMercurio grew up in St. Louis, got his B.S. in Electrical Engineering at Missouri University of Science & Technology in 1994, and then followed his fiancée, Michelle, to Kansas City, MO for seven years where they married and started their family, then moved back to St. Louis in 2001.  He and his family feel very blessed to be close to their extended family here in St. Louis, with two successful professional careers and with two well-grounded teenagers, Madison and Nathan.  Nick loves fishing, hunting, going to St. Louis Blues hockey games, listening to a variety of streaming music genres, and most importantly spending time with his family whenever possible given their own busy schedules with jobs, hobbies, and school.

NG: “What is your position with NewGround and what does that entail?”

ND: “My position with NewGround is Senior Electrical Engineer.  Licensed as a professional engineer (P.E.) by 33 State Professional Boards, I have the privilege to act as engineer-of-record in supervising control of Electrical design work for all of the STL HQ Design Department’s bid & permit construction documents that detail our client’s facilities lighting, power, and special systems (i.e. fire/security/data, etc.) detailed or performance specification work for new construction or remodel projects.  After producing these construction documents for bid & permitting, I seal the drawings for official permitting with the local jurisdiction, review & approve submittals by the electrical contractor and their sub-contractors on electrical materials/ products they propose to be in compliance with our basis-of-design specifications, and monitor construction progress to aid in making sure the client is getting the quality and installation workmanship that is in minimum compliance with industry standards and the National Electrical Code (NEC), as a secondary check to anything the local inspector may not catch in his/her review of the installation.

NG: “What is your favorite part of your job or your favorite part about working for NewGround?”

ND: “NewGround presents the type of culture and environment that is conducive to a family or fraternal relationship in collaboration with your peers.  They recognize the human element of professional dedication to the client, while promoting one’s career goals as an asset to the team environment.  I enjoy how NewGround/ Adrenaline values work-life balance and gives the employees opportunities to network and understand the perspectives of your fellow workers such as this type of “get to know” article.  I commend the leadership here for promoting such a healthy work environment.

NG: “What are some of the challenges that you face in your industry? How do you think those challenges can be overcome?”

ND: “In the past 10 -15 years I have seen a real up-tick on the emphasis of energy code regulation that creates quite the challenge in meeting lighting design requirements (you can see my self-published article related to the topic Technology “Merry-Go-Round” and The Green Movement – Embracing Rate of Change on LinkedIn at )  I would have to say that my typical percentage of effort per project has gone up 20% solely on the efforts to show design compliance with these energy regulations.  These recent code cycle versions include more advanced mandatory control measures that automate lighting controls based on occupancy for instance, or daylight contribution through windows dimming adjacent lighting to optimize building efficiency by minimizing lighting wattage usage.  These advanced control strategies host numerous products and approaches by different manufacturers and their different solution offerings to meet these code mandates and comparing/ contrasting these solutions to optimize for customer consideration can be a large part of a project’s design effort in itself.  But with upfront knowledge sharing with the customer to understand the necessity, the benefits, and the perception of cultural change toward environmental stewardship being a customer attractor, the implementation of these energy saving solutions can be met appropriately with a big “win” for NewGround in looking out for the client’s best interest and rate of return in the investment of these more costly technologies to save them so much energy in the life of their facilities.

NG: “What do you think sets NewGround apart from other design/ build firms?”

ND: “NewGround values the individual as a much as the team. People are important, whether it is internal employees and their collaboration and career growth potential, or the client and the need to reach their customers through the “experience” of their financial service offerings.  It is this important constant, the human element, that makes the value of our service offerings a real asset to our clients and the willingness to go above and beyond, leaving a healthy, lasting impression and perception that we have the best of their intentions in mind, not only to simply meet their expectations but help the employee achieve a successful career or the client with a  project that may have even presented some additional goals and strategies that went beyond THEIR wildest dreams.  With collaboration and synergy we finish the race together and CELEBRATE that success together.  NewGround values diversity and the strengths of all its members and every customer’s own creative potential as a springboard to success.

NG: “What are your passions outside of work?”

ND: “Sometimes life can be overwhelming as a young professional just starting out.  Then time and a little wisdom helps you realize how much BALANCE is important.  I have SO many passions in life starting with my wife, my kids, my faith, cooking, fishing, and of course my career.  These are the few I could rattle off at the top of my head but know there are many more and that means a division in my time.  My best advice about getting the most out of life and the passions that drive you is to not worry so much about tomorrow or the days that follow (maybe just a little to help be prepared and prioritize), but not to forget to “enjoy the moment” before it fleets away so quickly. Work hard, play hard, but enjoy those little “new experience” moments and challenges that mold you into who you will be tomorrow.  Good or bad, those experiences all lead to a better self.  Recently, I have had the “pleasure” of losing nearly 85 pounds using the HCG diet, which entails a low calorie (some might say extreme), low fat and low carb diet.  The challenge wasn’t so much the food preparation or discipline as it was the mental challenge of not getting down on myself when I slipped and learning from each milestone as a step in the right direction to either celebrate success or learn, adjust, reprioritize and rededicate to my goals… true not in just weight loss but any goal in life.”

NG: “What is your background?”

ND: “I was born and raised in St. Louis (North County – Hazelwood), with a little post-college 7-year stint in Kansas City (starting my own family there).  I had a calling to engineering in eighth grade, solidified by a summer camp experience in Rolla as an introduction to the college life, campus, and career path.  I am a cradle Catholic and now a third degree member of the Knights of Columbus.  I currently am a volunteer member of the Green Schools committee of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) – MO Gateway Chapter, promoting sustainability in K-12 schools.  I have a daughter who has strengthened me through her own successes in overcoming some slight physical challenges since her subdural brain hemorrhage when she was 2 days old. My challenges in life have only strengthened my faith and continued pulling at me to reach out and help others in return. I would advise anyone, with the opportunity to help someone in need, to consider it a real opportunity for a life-fulfilling experience that may be both eye opening in understanding your own blessings and heart-warming in realizing the difference you can make in someone else’s life if you only take on that opportunity and make a moment that will last forever for both yourself and those individuals in need, benefitting from your generous efforts. It’s one thing to give generously of your earnings, but it’s another whole experience when you put in a little direct-contact effort with those in need, who smile back at you and say things like “you don’t know how much this means to me.”   These are the kinds of moments in life that are both humbling and fill you with pride and, in retrospect, are some of the most important memories and actions you can leave in your wake. ”