Experts @ Work | Ron Diebold

Ron Diebold is a lifetime St. Louisan. He went to architecture school at Washington University, is a registered architect in Missouri, and has worked in architecture for 41 years. Ron has been married to his lifetime childhood sweetheart for 39 years. They have two daughters and two granddaughters.

NG: “What is your position with NewGround and what does that entail?”
RD: “My title is Senior Production Architect. Production architects work generally begins at the completion of the Design Development stage when the building design has been finalized. At this point the Construction Documents, which consist of the drawings and specifications, are begun. The Production architecture team produces all the details necessary to build the project. This involves coordination with Interior Design and the engineering disciplines. Upon completion of the Construction Documents they are turned over to the Build team for bidding and construction. The Production Architect stays involved with the project through construction. We have to be knowledgeable of building codes, best construction practices, energy codes, and any other pertinent local codes since NewGround builds nationally and internationally.”

NG: “What is your favorite part of your job or your favorite part about working for NewGround? Why?”
RD: “My favorite part of the job is seeing a building come into being that people are going to work in and enjoy. It is constantly amazing that ideas turn into drawings, and then ultimately into three dimensional buildings. The teamwork and the knowledge base that exists at NewGround is exceptional.” 


NG: “What are some of the challenges that you face in your industry? How do you think those challenges can be overcome?”
“One of the challenges is the constant push for more energy conservation. Modern designs generally have vast expanses of glass which works against an energy efficient building. Energy modeling software can help us find ways to accommodate a lot of glass and yet achieve very energy efficient buildings.”


NG: “What do you think sets NewGround apart from other design/ build firms?”
RD: “NewGround’s ability to listen to the client’s needs and wants and then bring them into physical reality is a strong point. The designs are unique to each client, working with their branding and vision.”


NG: “What are your passions outside of work?” 
RD: “My passions outside of work are, first of all my grandchildren and family, and second is singing. I am a member of the parish choir and a men’s acapella group. We sing oldies from the 50’s and 60’s, sacred music, and lots of Christmas music. We mainly sing at nursing homes and retirement centers. We charge a fee to for profit organizations and at the end of the year we decide the charity to which we want to donate. "