Strategic experiential spaces, built from
the inside out.

At NewGround, we believe that a new building has the potential to be a business’ greatest impression on the world. It is also your most visible relationship with your community, which is why we start with strategy when crafting financial, corporate and healthcare building solutions. This very strategy ensures your building tells the story of who you are and where you want to go.

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We’ll customize a set of strategic exercises for you, mixing research with creative thinking. This transports you outside of your usual headspace, clearing the way to get to the core of how your building should look, and more importantly, function. We’ll unpack questions like, “What are your market demographics and how will they impact space planning?” and “What are your growth expectations?” We will also develop a map for the journey ahead.


We bring strategy to life with original designs that bridge the gap between your goals and real, physical space. We view it all through the lens of creating experiential journeys for employees and consumers alike. As we begin to imagine your design, we’ll choose materials and elements that will master the personality of your brand.


Our experienced construction team works hand-in-hand with our designers and project development team to ensure that every detail is given due diligence. Our single-source solution means seamless communication between the architects, local subcontractors and the construction team.

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