Business, Brand, and Location Alignment

Imagine your future. Prepare for growth.
Plan for success.

Build on a Solid Foundation

Create a comprehensive plan for growth and success with us.

Align Brand, Place and Culture

Build on a foundation of strategic alignment. Ensure your existing brand elements, built environments, and people are aligned to create a seamless consumer experience.

Every Location, Exceeding Expectations

Ensure each physical manifestation of your brand reflects its promise and draws people into a repeatable, positive, head-turning brand encounter.

Prepare Your Brand to Build

Your brand is more than a logo, name, or set of colors. It’s your key to standing out in the marketplace. Whether your brand needs a refresh or ground-up rebuild, we can help.

Get Data-Driven Insight

Assess, choose, and program locations with us. We use proprietary research tools to help you discover new possibilities, trends, and ideas so you can facilitate momentum.

Brands Who Have Leveraged Our Strategy Offerings

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Our Complete Suite of Strategy Offerings

Business Transformation

Get every element of your brand, place, and culture working together.

Growth Strategies

Create your ten-year roadmap for growth and success. Bolster your corporate and retail strategies with change management and immersion training.

Workplace Strategies

When you build or renovate, let us help you discover and implement what your team will need to thrive over the next decade and beyond.


Messaging and visuals that communicate your value, shine regardless of platform, and position you for the global marketplace.


Innovation happens in collaboration. 
We meet in person to learn what’s possible — and needed — for your groundbreaking vision.

Network Transformation

Streamline your network for premium performance. Enhance the in-person experience. Get every location to reflect your vision.

Our Strategy-First

Before you begin your next groundbreaking project, ensure you’re meeting strategic objectives, optimizing your choices, and preparing to innovate — all while reducing your risk. Our strategy team provides the services, tools, and insights that enable you to make informed choices about your business, brand, and location.

Our Expertise


Tech-savvy, experiential corporate space — built to foster connection, collaboration, and growth.

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The look. The layout. The experience. It should all work together to draw people in and keep them returning.

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Need to roll out your brand across locations? With NewGround, you can use any combination of our offerings or get our single, turnkey experience.

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Transform existing spaces into on-brand, flexible, experiential environments.

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How to Identify New Markets for Quick Expansion

Looking to expand your business into a new market quickly? According to a recent U.S. Census Bureau report on population trends from 2023, most counties are growing. But is population growth the best data point for planning your next new-market expansion? And what are reasonable expectations for “quick” growth in a new market?

Download “How to Identify New Markets for Quick Expansion” and plan your next expansion with confidence.

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What Groundbreakers Are Saying About NewGround's Strategy Offerings

“I like the approach – that it’s all-encompassing. My impression of NewGround is a very positive one.”

Kim York

Chief Strategy Officer

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More Ways to Build Your Vision


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