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Workplaces for
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Most workplaces are stuck in the past. They create silos, decrease productivity, and don’t support the demands of a quickly evolving workforce.

So, when it’s time to build, renovate, or transition to a new workplace, don’t create something that will become outdated before you move in. Let’s collaborate on a data-driven strategy for a workplace that will help you thrive over the next ten to fifteen years.

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Here’s why Groundbreaking brands choose NewGround’s Workplace Strategies.

Evaluate Efficiency Gaps

Where is your current space working well, and where is it hindering your growth? We’ll help you see clearly so you can improve your decision-making process.

Make Better Projections

We use a collaborative, data-driven process to ensure your planned workplaces will support your vision, acknowledge market trends, and help your team work better together.

Create Future Flexibility

No projection can take every variable into account. We’ll work with you to create a flexible workplace to move you forward without limiting your options.

Program Your Space for Real People

Your team will be more productive if they love being in their space. We help you program and design your space to align with your goals and those who will experience it.

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Here's How It Works

Workplace Summit

Let’s dream with your team about what’s needed, what’s possible, and what would holistically create a better, more productive workplace. The Workplace Summit is a facilitated discovery session that encourages team buy-in, creates a better understanding of your current workplace, and jumpstarts a plan for the future.

Data-Driven Analysis

We create projections based on your goals and trajectory. How many people will your space need to support? What technology will you need to integrate? What amenities, collaborative environments, call center spaces, technology, etc., will you require? We can help you make those decisions today — without hindering you as your needs evolve.

Location Evaluation

Will your chosen workplace support your next five, ten, and fifteen years of growth? Our team will work with you to make projections based on available peer data, your plans, and our global understanding of current workplace trends.

Site Selection (When Needed)

If your current workplace won’t meet your goals or you need additional space elsewhere, we can assist you in choosing the right location. We have processes for selecting the optimal site: lease, purchase, or ground-up build.


We can program your workplace to create flow, enable flexibility, promote wellness, and get people working together. We’ll work with you to ensure proper adjacencies, enough collaborative space, room for technology, maximum sunlight, and human interaction. More about Programming.

Design, Build, and Interiors

NewGround is an end-to-end provider for Workplaces. Though you don’t need to choose us for your entire project, our strategy-first process informs all Design, Build, and Interiors phases. And since we’re one team, all on your team, you can complete your project with greater speed and fewer costly communication errors.

“An incredible depth of experience and knowledge.”

What Groundbreakers* Are Saying About NewGround's Strategy Offerings

“NewGround brings an incredible depth of experience and knowledge related to building corporate offices.”

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