Business Transformation

Your brand, team culture, and built spaces— all working toward the same goals.

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Create a Plan for Genuine Growth

Do you have a strategic plan to align your workplaces, retail locations, and people with your business goals? Because if you don’t, you risk overinvesting in places and systems that won’t support your vision.

Don’t limit your growth. NewGround’s Business Transformation service allows you to reevaluate everything so you know what’s working and what isn’t. Then, we work together to create a plan for realignment and long-term growth.

A Holistic Plan to Align Your Brand, Place, and Culture

Here’s why Groundbreaking brands choose NewGround’s Business Transformation offering.

Outperform the Market (20% on Average)

Our clients consistently outpace the market because their brand, physical spaces, and team culture all serve the same vision.

Improve Productivity
(19% on Average)

When your workplaces reinforce your culture and goals — and when you remove barriers to healthy productivity — you improve on-the-job performance.

Create Cultural Clarity

When your entire team aligns around your mission, core values, and brand messaging, they carry your unique culture into every consumer interaction.

Create a Consistent Experience

Find ways to replicate your brand’s identity and deliver on its promise by aligning your brand, place, and culture wherever you exist.

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Here's How It Works

Develop a plan for higher performance, greater productivity, and accelerated growth.

Craft workplaces that work for you, not against you.

The corporate workplace is changing. Create flexible, tech-savvy, and experiential spaces so you can compete for the best talent and increase your team’s productivity. More about Workplace Strategies.

Find what branding and identity gaps hold you back.

Organizations need a brand identity that is strong and differentiated enough to support their goals. Let us analyze your current brand guidelines, explore your spaces, and show you what your brand needs to capture attention consistently. More about Branding.

Create a Network Transformation plan to increase performance across locations.

Is your network optimized to take advantage of market opportunities? And are they each aligned with your brand’s standards and goals? Let’s evaluate your current locations and their placement, then create a plan for a more efficient, productive, on-brand network. More about Network Transformation.

Build a business case for your planned growth and expansion.

We can help you make smart decisions to support your goals when opportunities present themselves. We provide a broad understanding of the market, a bird’s-eye view of what’s possible, and confidence to make bold moves for the future. More about Growth Strategies.

"First Class"

What Groundbreakers Are Saying About
NewGround's Strategy Offerings

Top notch, very professional, innovative, and just wonderful to work with and to collaborate with.”

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