Growth Strategies

Identify market potential. Create a data-driven plan to expand your network.

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Grow With Confidence

When it’s time to make a bold move and grow your existing network, you can reduce your risk, capitalize on hidden opportunities, and make better decisions.

NewGround’s Growth Strategies will show you what’s possible in your market. We make recommendations based on detailed demographic information, your current consumer base, competition, traffic flow, and more.

Create your growth strategy with us, and grow where opportunity calls.

Reduce Risk. Create a Pathway for Success.

Get the best available information to make the best possible decisions with our thorough market research, location strategy, and site selection services.

Get Reliable Data from Industry Experts

We combine our proprietary research tools with on-the-ground, in-person research to help you understand demographics, competition, projections, traffic flow, and more.

Determine Potential with Greater Accuracy

Only some opportunities are worth your energy. With us, you’ll gain insight into a given market’s potential so you can plan with greater confidence than ever.

Create a Custom Plan for Growth

Our research will reveal an ideal expansion strategy — one to differentiate you from your competition and serve your chosen market well.

Make Better Expansion Decisions

Whether you only need general location recommendations or you want us to help you pick individual sites, we’re here to partner with you, dream to done.

Featured Project

U.S. Eagle Federal Credit Union

Albuquerque, NM

Our Site Selection Process

What do you need for low-risk growth? Let us customize our process to your situation.

Step 1: Strategy

Every market demands a different action plan.

We can help you craft your growth strategy through:

  • Market Studies
  • Programming
  • Target Market Demographic
  • Studies and Definitions

Step 2: Choose Expansion Sites

NewGround can:

  • Oversee your real estate broker selection process
  • Work with your broker and legal team to exhaust all available inventory options
  • Help you evaluate which sites to pursue

Step 3: Test Fit

Create a preliminary plan of how you’ll use a site, including building placement, parking, ingress and egress, along with a strategy to expand in the future.

Step 4: Close the Deal (Contract and Due Diligence)

We partner with you, your legal team, and your broker to negotiate the contract. We coordinate our Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments, titling, surveys, and your zoning and planned development review.

"It's not often that I score a company's performance a solid 10, but NewGround is a unique company.”

What Groundbreakers Are Saying About NewGround's Strategy Offerings

“Their teams of professionals engage in every part of the project strategy, engineering, construction and management …they exceeded every phase of the project.”

Phil Richards

VP Community Investment

Our Site Selection Services

When you choose NewGround International for Site Selection, we provide:

  • Market Studies
  • Target Market Analysis
  • Broker evaluation and recommendation
  • Available Site Inventory and Evaluation
  • Test Fits
  • Contract Negotiation and Legal Assistance
  • Site Survey
  • Environmental Testing
  • Geotechnical
  • City & County Approvals
  • And More

We help you evaluate your site based on:

  • Visibility
  • Market trends
  • Economic development studies
  • Proximity of competition
  • Accessibility: egress/ingress
  • Expandability
  • Proximity to customers/employees
  • Potential land use constraints
  • Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)
  • Geotechnical investigation
  • Code & ordinance compliance
  • Traffic impact
  • Property cost & value
  • Cost to develop/cure
  • Timeline to complete

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