Network Transformation

Every location, reflecting your vision for your brand.

Increase Your Network’s Performance (+20% on Average)

Is your network optimized for growth? Do you have the right number of locations working together in harmony, maximizing market opportunity, and creating a consistent, head-turning consumer experience?

If not, it’s time to put our Strategy team to work. We’ll collaborate with you on a Network Transformation process that considers every location and aligns your entire network with your goals.

The result: low-risk, network-wide growth.

Transform the Consumer Experience Across Locations

Here’s why Groundbreaking brands choose our Network Transformation solution.

Increase Overall Efficiency

Few retail locations remain aligned with brand standards and goals. We’ll show you how to realign your network and where to innovate so your team can work better together.

Maximize Your Existing Locations

Get every location renovated and streamlined for success. Create consistency, take advantage of your brand’s latest innovations, and see the results in upward-trending KPIs.

Create Cost-Savings So You Can Expand

Use market analysis tools to ensure you’ve invested in the right markets. Reallocate resources from underperforming locations and expand toward opportunity.

Enhance the Consumer Experience

Through Business Transformation and Discovery, innovate your retail spaces. Through our Renovations and Rollout services, ensure every location creates a unified experience.

Featured Project

Rosedale Federal Savings & Loan Association

Baltimore, MD

Our Network Transformation Process

Step 1: Evaluate critical market inputs.

When was the last time you considered whether your retail locations are in the right place today? Markets change over time. That’s why we start with up-to-date metrics based on deep-dive studies:
  • Demographics
  • Your existing consumer base
  • Competition
  • Growth trends
  • Consumer traffic

Step 2: Set and evaluate performance metrics.

Every branch presents three opportunities. You can maintain it, transform it for success, or reallocate its resources. We analyze the performance metrics of market share (is your location capturing enough?), new business (is your it growing?), and an opportunity index (is your it correctly placed?).

Step 3: Decide on each branch’s need for transformation.

As we analyze your data together, you’ll see which locations need heavy investment, which need a light refresh, and which are misaligned with your brand’s goals altogether. You’ll be able to make decisions more confidently, reduce your risk, and clear the way for innovation.

Step 4: Create a single, custom, fundamental strategy for transformation.

We collaborate on a strategy that considers your entire business model and brand goals. Using all of the tools NewGround assembles, you can align your brand, place, and culture through our Strategy, Design, Build, and Interiors offerings.

"Their teams of professionals engage in every part of the project strategy, design, engineering, construction and management."

What Groundbreakers Are Saying About NewGround's Strategy Offerings

“It is not often I score a company’s performance a solid 10, but NewGround is a unique company.”

Phil Richards

VP Community Investment

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