Better project coordination, fewer change orders, and seamless delivery of your FF&E.

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Your Source for FF&E
Procurement and Installation

Get Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FF&E) that perfectly match your interiors and flow within your space — installed correctly and on time.

When you choose NewGround International for Procurement, you get a team whose project management system combines with our architects, interior designers, engineers, and builders. We coordinate all orders, vet installers, negotiate contracts, and personally oversee installation.

We do the legwork and manage the process. You get results.

Fewer Errors, So You Open Faster

Here’s why Groundbreaking brands choose NewGround International for FF&E Procurement.

Seamless Integration with Your Designs

Because our procurement experts work directly with our design team, we get your measurements, numbers, and orders right the first time.

Seamless Integration with Builders

When one team works together to coordinate product delivery and installation across your project, you minimize damage, error, and wasted time.

Our Team at Your Site

When one team handles Design, Build, and Interiors, you reduce coordination issues between disciplines. The result: you move faster … and open faster!

Fewer Change Orders

When it’s time to install your FF&E, we’re there. We work with installers to ensure precision, quality, and immediate resolution of field-related issues. You save time and hassle.

How It Works

Step 1: Collaboration and Delivery

Like everything we do at NewGround, we begin with deep listening to understand your needs, goals, and brand. Then we estimate, procure, schedule, warehouse, and coordinate installation to deliver a project that will propel your brand into the future.

Step 2: Installation Drawings and Construction Documents

When you partner with NewGround International, you get complete project efficiency. We collaborate closely with our Design and Build teams to outfit every space with your FF&E. And since plans adjust, our team can make those adjustments together, minimizing change orders, miscommunications, and scheduling issues.

Step 3: Installer Vetting and Contract Negotiation

We have strong partnerships with leading manufacturers, including MillerKnoll. These collaborations allow us to secure contracts with competitive pricing, tailored to meet your requirements. Then, we locate the appropriate regional installation company for your project.

Step 4: Our Team Onsite for Installation

Because we combine Design, Build, Interiors, and Procurement into one project flow, items arrive on time. And our vetted installers always work with the best, most up-to-date information. That means fewer items on our punch list, fewer headaches for you, and quicker delivery of your completed project.

Featured Project

Community Resource Credit Union


Common Deliverables

  • Direct View LED Screens (DVLED)
  • LED Video Walls
  • Wireless Transfer Technology
  • Pan-tilt-zoom Cameras (PTZ)
  • Touch Screen Kiosks
  • Integrated Ceiling Speakers
  • Integrated Ceiling Microphones
  • Digital Scent Technology
  • Acoustical Treatments
  • Comprehensive Installation
  • Vendor Selection and Management
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Much More


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“Your company performs amazingly well. And the players, they are truly interested in delivering the best product they can.

Phil Richards

VP of Community Investment

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