Community Resource CU

Community Resource Credit Union (CRCU) first engaged NewGround when they decided to place a new state-of-the-art branch in Mont Belvieu, TX. When CRCU needed more administrative space in their corporate headquarters to meet the projected needs of its growing staff, it was natural to continue the partnership. After verifying the growth projections, NewGround did extensive research and found an ideal site in Baytown, Texas, less than a mile from one of their most successful branches.

The new headquarters is modern and practical, showing off a sleek exterior with traditional touches. More importantly, it features an expansive-yet-comfortable courtyard for employees to enjoy, as well as plenty of natural lighting. The design also took into account possible future expansions to “future proof” the space.

Newground transforms financial institutions and corporations into immersive experiences that generate measurable return on investment. We have deep expertise in creating the branches of the future and flagship headquarters that deliver on the promise of leading financial and corporate brands. Our research gives us the insights to solve pressing challenges and develop a holistic understanding of the connections between design, business, and human experience. Check out our thought leadership articles and white papers to learn more.

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