Blue Nile

With a yearly revenue of $500 million, Blue Nile could choose any partner to help them go from five stores to 50. They chose to work with the architects and interior designers of NewGround’s Studio One25 based on the team’s experience with retailers like Starbucks, Equinox, and Dior. The Studio worked with construction manager SCM, and real estate developer Reese Development to put together a design and construction program that will see stores opening at the rate of two a month, starting in the fall of 2020.

For the first round of stores, the team updated the existing prototype by adding warmth and texture while maintaining brand recognition. Studio One25 also extended NewGround’s tradition of being a one-stop shop for design and construction by providing environmental graphics, furniture, and, through our partner Nanonation, a digital experience. The latter includes the Magic Mirror – an interactive digital screen for customers to take selfies with the jewelry. These branded images can be posted on social media to expand Blue Nile’s social media footprint, bringing the brand full circle back to its online roots. Next, Studio One25 will redesign Blue Nile’s prototype to create a store that better fits their desire to be a hospitality-driven space and tells the story of how the jewelry is handmade by artisans in Seattle.

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