Blue Nile

Prototypes + Rollouts / Design → Interiors / Multiple Locations

The Challenge

After having success tackling the digital retail marketplace, Blue Nile sought to increase their retail presence by creating physical retail spaces. To do this, they needed to transform their brand from a strictly digital brand to an actual space their customers could interact with. It needed to be just as unique as their digital experience. They needed to be able to appeal to existing customers and draw in new ones.

The Journey

NewGround’s retail design team knew that the key was proper space utilization. Changing textures or color pallets around in a space may seem like an easy way to update a design or translate digital to physical, but without careful planning, simple changes can lead to disastrous design effects. Despite the need for careful planning, Blue Nile needed a partner who would work fast to accomplish volume and velocity—as many locations as quickly as possible without compromising quality. Furthermore, NewGround’s retail design team knew that a business like Blue Nile meant some trial and error while they were figuring out their own branding. This meant that communication and collaboration were critical throughout the entire process. The overall result of NewGround’s careful planning and Blue Nile’s innovative ideas are showrooms now visible in multiple locations across the country. The dark, rich blue colors, the wooden accents and display cases, and the featured lighting all come together to create a unique space that perfectly encompasses Blue Nile’s brand.

The Destination

Blue Nile now proudly displays numerous locations across the country, from malls to stand-alone stores. Their profits have increased exponentially, and each rollout location is uniquely different depending on where it’s positioned, leading to spaces that draw customers in time and time again.