A guided planning process for your in-person experience: Learn what’s possible. Decide what’s next.

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Launch Your Next Retail
Experience with NewGround

Too many retail experiences are inconsistent across locations, ignore current trends, and feel undifferentiated from their competition. So, when it’s time to rethink your retail experience, where do you start?

Start with NewGround’s retail-focused Discovery process. You’ll learn about cutting-edge retail possibilities that will serve your current situation. Then, you’ll start making experiential design decisions to serve your consumers and meet your goals.

Innovate Your Retail Experience

Here’s why Groundbreaking brands choose NewGround’s Discovery process.

Get Inspired

Become informed about cutting-edge retail designs. Find new ways to use space, interact with consumers, and turn heads. Picture what’s possible through real-world examples.

Decide What’s Right for You

Your retail experience needs to deliver on your brand’s unique promise. In Discovery, you start by asking, “What’s possible?” Then you begin to ask, “What’s best for us?”

Generate Team Buy-In

Build your Discovery team to create excitement. We recommend you incorporate teammates from across your organization — those best positioned to help you lead change.

Prepare for Innovation

Get ready to rethink everything. Our Discovery process is the first step to creating a consumer experience that will move your brand forward.

Featured Project

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Challenge the Status Quo

Here’s what you’ll experience in our facilitated retail-focused Discovery sessions.

Gather for a Single-Day Brainstorming Session

Disconnect from daily responsibilities. Get your key stakeholders in a room. Then, start dreaming together. Our facilitated experience is short enough to get your team’s complete focus — but long enough to generate paradigm-shifting conversations.

Reimagine the Customer Journey

Your ideal consumer has high expectations for you and your brand. We’ll brainstorm how to streamline the customer journey, increase engagement and effectiveness, and lead more people to your desired outcome.

Map Your Points of Experience

How will consumers engage with your space? We’ll discuss ways to direct attention, ensure better interactions with your brand, and intentionally create “wow” experiences throughout your space.

Get Retail Trends and Insights

We’ll show you what’s being done now on the cutting edge of retail design. And if you come to our Chicago location, we’ll take you on a tour of some of the Magnificent Mile’s most innovative retail spaces. You’ll experience what’s possible firsthand as you plan your own space.

Structured and Thought-Provoking Exercises

Our process keeps your team on track, thinking creatively, and moving toward the session’s goal: reimagining a retail experience that’s true to your brand, meets your objectives, and serves your ideal consumer.

Capture Your Ideas

We deliver a digital summary of everything we discovered: images you responded to, concepts you’ll want to remember, and conceptual renderings of your future retail spaces.

“NewGround does an outstanding job... from the initial discovery right up to final completion.”

What Groundbreakers Are Saying About NewGround's Strategy Offerings

“The overall response from members and employees is very positive on the final product and the construction process.”

Marty Cattermole


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