Greater Texas Federal Credit Union Headquarters

Workplaces / Strategy → Design → Interiors / 44,800 SQ. FT.

The Challenge

Growth and expansion are signs of a company’s success and should often be celebrated. However, growth can also present problems and challenges that credit unions may not be fully equipped to handle on their own. In the case of Greater Texas Federal Credit Union (GTFCU), their growth had reached a point where they could no longer remain in their current headquarters. They needed a space where new and existing employees could thrive and grow alongside the company. GTFCU knew that happy, engaged employees who could develop in an innovative space could better serve the Texas community and GTFCU members. Instead of viewing their growth as a hindrance, GTFCU reached out to NewGround to begin work on constructing a new headquarters that could fully support their expansion.

After talking with GTFCU’s CEO, NewGround’s Regional Vice President Steve Clark quickly determined the problems that GTFCU was facing with their current location. “They were landlocked in their current location, parking was a problem, and it got to the point where they were leasing space from another credit union who owned the building. They had let it go too long,” he said.

The Journey

According to Steve, starting with personnel and space projections is always key. “We look at their historical growth and see how they’ve grown over the last 10 years, 15 years, and then we get a projection from the CEO…” This projection determines how much the company will change in the future. We combine this projection with our research to determine exactly how much space the new headquarters will need. Research determined that GTFCU needed enough space for increased employee numbers and enough space to celebrate GTFCU’s Texas heritage. With this information, design and construction began on the 44,800-square-foot building.

Discussions of the interior design and environment of a new headquarters space are critical. NewGround’s in-house design team worked alongside members of GTFCU to choose finishes, furniture, fixtures, and materials that fully captured the essence of their company and resonated with employees and staff within the space. With a close working relationship, the NewGround team focused on GTFCU’s company culture and employees when designing and crafting the new building. One thing that was important to GTFCU was paying homage to their Austin, Texas location and culture.

The Destination

This headquarters location for Greater Texas is a true testament to the amazing capabilities of our team and staff. From the gorgeous windows stretching from floor to ceiling to the lounge areas both inside and out, it’s easy to tell the beauty and care that was poured into the process. The building stands as an example of Austin, Texas culture and fully utilizes the space for GTFCU employees. The GTFCU headquarters also features an on-site employee fitness center, outdoor seating for breaks and relaxation, a carefully placed Zen Garden, and beautiful lounges for all employees. Overall, the headquarters is a shining example of how NewGround’s partnership can transform a client’s vision into a tangible reality from the ground up.