Fresh vision. Expanded services.

Same NewGround.

Learn what's new—and what's not—about our brand relaunch.

100+ years of innovation, and we’re not stopping now.

Consumers change. Markets change. Companies change. And since 1913, our knack for innovation has helped banks and credit unions stay ahead and adapt to the changing needs of their consumers. However, those aren’t our only market partners. We’ve also been serving retailers and hospitality clients like Starbucks, Dior, Panda Express, and Springhill Suites, and we’re proud of our diverse service offerings.

Modern business requires innovation and adaptability. And as we’ve done for over a century, we’re rising to help more industries meet those challenges.

We’re enhancing our vision for twenty-first-century businesses, expanding our offerings and expertise, and clarifying how we partner with global brands from start to finish across the financial, retail, and hospitality industries.

This is more than a redesigned website with a fresh coat of paint. We are NewGround International: architects, engineers, strategists, and interior specialists helping Groundbreakers like you plan, design, and build innovative spaces — for the next 100 years of business.

What does NewGround do now?

If you’ve worked with us in the past, our offerings and expertise aren’t changing. But we’ve worked hard to re-clarify how we can help innovate branded spaces in a variety of industries. By embracing other industries, we can evaluate trends across markets to bring you unique solutions for your project, no matter the size.

We serve Groundbreakers in the Financial, Retail, and Hospitality industries through four comprehensive services.


Align your business, brand, and locations and create a comprehensive plan for growth.


Create on-brand experiences in your spaces with architecture, engineering, and interior design.


Collaborate with our Project and Construction Managers to build your space with confidence.


Make your space occupation ready: FF&E, Procurement, Environmental Graphics, and Technology.

Our four areas of expertise


State-of-the-art spaces. Landmark-level designs. Built so your team can flourish.


Designed to scale. Designed for growth. Designed for “wow.”


Opportunities presented → Opportunities seized


Brand guidelines: Achieved. Expectations: Exceeded.


Changing? Not really. Innovating? Always! We’re getting hyper-focused on serving Groundbreakers, transformational leaders positioned to speed their brand into the future. And we’re making the path to partnership and success more straightforward by re-clarifying our offerings, expertise, and industries.

Not at all. We’re still us. Check out our leadership team, still led by our longtime CEO, Kevin Blair.

Yes! We’ve been innovating financial workplaces and headquarters for over 100 years and aren’t slowing down anytime soon. But now, we’ve made a greater commitment to bring our experience with retail and hospitality industries to our banks and credit unions.

Absolutely. And growing! We’ve helped brands in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, and more. For information about how we can help your Canadian brand, connect with our team in Waterloo.

A Groundbreaker is an innovator, someone who isn’t afraid to push the boundaries and challenge industry standards. Groundbreakers don’t want to follow market trends, they want to set them. They want what’s best for their consumers and employees alike. Put simply, Groundbreakers are open to new ideas and aren’t afraid to come up with a few of their own either.

Our strategists, designers, project managers, and interiors specialists are equipped with the experience to speed your project and your brand into the future, no matter its scope and scale. Want to learn more? Connect with our team and reach out today to start a conversation.