Accommodating Growth Projections Through Personnel and Space Studies

Project Snapshot

To achieve their goal to reach an asset base of $1 billion by 2025, Community Resource Credit Union (CRCU) needed to increase personnel, creating a demand for more space within their headquarters facility. Needing sufficient space to accommodate projected personnel growth and space that would withstand the next 10 to 15 years, CRCU looked to NewGround for its expertise in strategic planning and space projections.


Since their current corporate headquarters building needed more administrative space, several solutions would need to be assessed. NewGround’s Strategy Team needed to determine the best solution through space and financial growth projections and benchmarked them compared to peer data. Purchasing or leasing an existing building was a potential option, but nothing suitable was available in CRCU’s preferred geographic location.


After extensive strategic research, NewGround’s Strategy Team determined that an 11-acre site within a quarter-mile of their current Decker branch location in Baytown, Texas would be the perfect fit for their new headquarters facility. The location was convenient and visible enough to maximize brand projection and allow for adequate expansion of the back office and operations staff. The resulting operations-only facility would provide much-needed flexibility for operations while maintaining the branch in its existing location.


Ample space near one of their top successful branches made this the perfect land acquisition for CRCU to expand their headquarters space. The layout of the 11-acre site was maximized for future expansion while still preserving an outdoor space to become a courtyard for employees to enjoy. Prime street visibility in subdivided sections has been preserved for future sale.

CRCU’s new headquarters is modern and practical, showing off a sleek exterior with traditional touches. The design also took into account possible future expansions to “future proof” the space.

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