Wall and Ceiling Coverings Support a Credit Union’s Brand and History

Project Snapshot

Port Neches Federal Credit Union (FCU) partnered with NewGround for the reconstruction of their 49,313 square foot headquarters in Port Neches, Texas. The project involved design, project management, environmental design, and interior design services, and was completed in July 2021.


Due to an explosion at a nearby chemical plant, the Neches FCU headquarters in Port Neches needed NewGround’s help with redesign and reconstruction. Neches FCU executives and Marketing Team had a goal to enhance their interior design with bold, branded design elements. They needed to faithfully represent their brand and the history of their credit union while improving the aesthetic appeal of their branch and office spaces.


Neches FCU’s key stakeholders engaged in deep collaboration with the NewGround team every day for a three-month span. This creative process led both partners to land upon a branded solution for wall and ceiling coverings throughout the headquarters building. The Marketing and Executive teams at Neches FCU expressed their interest in communicating the history of their credit union through designed elements. Through several productive rounds of revisions, NewGround produced a design for a “history wall” that included representations of historic Neches FCU buildings and regional geography like the Neches River. Other wall and ceiling coverings throughout the building would remain consistent with their established brand guidelines, while adding color and visual interest for members and staff to enjoy.


Full coverage vinyl wall coverings were installed throughout Neches FCU headquarters. By utilizing vinyl, Sintra board, and laser-cut acrylic, NewGround was able to produce attractive wall and ceiling coverings with a visual pop of layered relief. The history wall includes historic photos scanned from Neches FCU archives and graphic design elements that represent easily-identifiable geographic features. One feature that was important to the team at Neches FCU was the Neches River, something that they use throughout their branded designs. Dimensional logos cut from acrylic and 3M-quality vinyl were used in wall coverings throughout the facility. Full coverage vinyl wall and ceiling coverings have become a vital aspect of the headquarter’s interior design. 

Because NewGround offers a comprehensive range of design and build solutions, Neches FCU was able to simplify its creative process. They worked closely with NewGround for strategy, design, and implementation of these design elements that have transformed the look of their interior spaces and offer a strong representation of their history and brand.

Senior Environmental Graphic Designer: Kevin Brouillette

Production Graphic Designer: Adam Glab

The executives and marketing team at Neches FCU were so pleased with the results they have initiated planning for additional wall coverings at their headquarters and other branch locations.