NewGround incorporates research, expertise, and instinct to enhance growth.


The role of the physical retail location is changing. The brick & mortar delivery channel needs to right-size in order to remain relevant and profitable. This means both consolidation of current locations and a redesign of the remaining ones. NewGround has developed a Net Zero strategy that “pays” for transformation, an approach unlike any in the industry.


WayPoint is an in-depth and innovative diagnostic program unique only to NewGround that analyzes organizations and their strategic business delivery model. As a tool developed to reveal leadership’s perceptions and overall business transformation, WayPoint will inform future retail delivery strategies.


IMAGINE is a program for guiding organizations to sustainable growth.  It begins with deep diagnostics and continues through long-term execution. NewGround developed this all-encompassing program, which has five key steps to ensure alignment for success: Investigate, Review, Create, Gap Analysis, and Commitment to Deliver.  For more information on IMAGINE, click here.

Market Studies

Expansion Study – We analyze key market trends and data, including consumer, competition, and demographic facts. We provide recommendations regarding the placement of new service points and potential growth options.

Demographic Market Snapshot – Our Strategy Team helps you understand the best retail placement strategy. We comprehend your growth objectives, target markets, and personas within a given locale.

Site Selection – We vet potential service locations and navigate the complexities of local real estate on your behalf. Our data-driven approach ensures that a site has business potential and drives our recommendations for your future locations.


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