Hickam Federal Credit Union Branch Hosts Grand Opening

NewGround project opens newly-designed Kaneohe location


CHESTERFIELD, Mo., April 30, 2019–NewGround, a St. Louis-based innovative architecture, design, and delivery firm, recently celebrated the grand opening of Hickam Federal Credit Union’s (FCU) new branch in Kaneohe, Hawaii.

Located in the Windward Mall shopping center, the new 2,054 square foot space features a unique ceiling and lighting treatment, high visibility storefront glass for maximum exposure to mall visitors, and an exterior ATM. The branch includes teller pods throughout the facility and will utilize the universal banking business model. The Kaneohe branch is NewGround’s third project for Hickam FCU.

To remain consistent in branding and design, Hickam FCU’s new branch mirrors the finishes and color palette used in their recently-designed corporate headquarters in Pearl City.

On April 22, Hickam FCU held a soft opening event that featured the traditional Hawaiian blessing, given by a Hawaiian priest or pastor to bless a new business before opening. With this seventh branch on the Oahu island, the blessing was particularly meaningful since the number ‘seven’ means perfection, according to Hawaiian culture.

NewGround employees who attended the soft opening included Will Morrow and Monica Pangaribuan.

“We were honored to work with Hickam FCU on their new Kaneohe branch location, and we look forward to continuing to partner with the credit union on future projects,” said Kevin Blair, President and CEO of NewGround.

Hickam FCU now serves all regions on the Oahu island.


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