Celebrating National Construction Safety Week

It’s National Construction Safety Week! To celebrate the workers on our frontline job sites, today’s insights cover an overview of best practices to consider to be present, focused, and safe in the midst of construction. While these tips are targeted toward construction, they can also apply to other areas of work as well.

Distractions, long hours, health issues, family, and other stressors all affect our ability to be fully present in our work environment. Being present and focused means being intentional in our work throughout the day to successfully get the job done.

High-quality work requires your full attention and focus. Eliminate distractions from the physical work area. Things such as noise, clutter, chemicals, people, equipment, etc. can have a large impact on your ability to fully pay attention to what you are doing in any given moment on the job site.

In team meetings, make sure you are actively listening to the person speaking. One way to become a better listener is to treat the information as something you are going to have to teach to a fellow coworker. Receiving information with the understanding that you will be responsible to pass it on can help ensure that you actively listen. This will help the construction crew carry out daily tasks and help avoid any confusion or injury.

Identify any personal matters that are causing your mind to wander and not be fully present on the job site. If not possible to eliminate them, talk with your supervisor so they can help you address them accordingly. This will help improve your focus and drive to complete safe work.

Situational awareness is key in preventing injuries. This means you should be relentlessly paying attention to risk, and monitoring what is happening around you 24/7. Sporting full PPE on job sites, following power tool safety protocols, and implementing OSHA guidelines are key health and safety elements. Hard manual labor can take a toll on the body, and it’s crucial to always put safety first to eliminate the risk of injuries. Injuries can happen in a flash, so never take safety for granted.

The construction industry also often comes with early mornings, late nights, and long commutes, causing many workers to have inconsistent sleep routines. This interruption with the Circadian Rhythm, your body’s natural sleep/wake cycle, can have major consequences on your physical and mental health, which will ultimately impact the quality in which you do your job. Exercising, maintaining a healthy diet, and developing a sleep routine are all helpful ways to feel well-rested and alert on job sites – keeping you on your toes and ready to take on the day.

It’s All About People – that’s our mantra. People are the most valuable asset you have, and to preserve longevity, both physically and mentally, you must be proactive and follow proper health and safety protocols on construction sites to ensure your crew is operating to the best of their abilities.

Want more? Check out Construction Safety Week’s official website!

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