Is Your Brand Feeling Bland These Days?

Does your bank or credit union use the word “state, first, national, trust, or savings” in its name? Turns out, you’re not alone, as nearly two out of three banks share one of these top five words in their name. There are other popular name choices too, according to Mabus, such as:

  • Community
  • Farmers
  • Citizens
  • Federal
  • County
  • Loan
  • Peoples
  • Security
  • American
  • Merchants
  • Valley
  • City
  • United

If you recognize your bank or credit union name among the list, your name can easily be lost among the thousands of other names just like it. A bland brand name is forgetful, dull, and unremarkable. How can you stand out to potential new consumers if your name is one of a thousand others just like it?

Dull Names are a Death Sentence

Your brand is the first and last thing consumers interact with. It’s what can draw them or push them away from a space. If your goal is to draw in new members, then you need to have a memorable brand name that will stick with them long after they’ve interacted with your space. It’s not just the name either; it’s the logo, the colors, and the physical space itself that all represent your brand.

At NewGround, we’re the experts in defining your Brand Essence and finding a strategy that fits your specific brand. We’ll help you find pain points in your brand and develop a strategy to put you on the path to success.

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