What’s Your Alignment?

Written by Kevin Dulle, Director of Experience Innovations at NewGround The biggest determination in the success of any business is alignment of the leadership team. The more aligned to a goal a team becomes, the greater the energy is in achieving that goal. In comparison, misalignment of the leadership team can produce multiple barriers hindering […]

Total Transformation: How To Engage Differently

Written by Amanda Jasper, Director of Corporate Communications– NewGround Transformation can manifest itself in many forms. So the big question is, do you need to transform your culture to engage differently? Transformation should also be the output or call to action, with your organization being fully-aligned and feeling the effects of growth. In the final […]

Using the Knowledge Pyramid to Develop Personas for Successful Business Design

In this white paper, you will learn how to leverage your data and information to better understand the consumers you serve in your financial institution.  After reading this white paper, you will be able to… Leverage your data to understand the “why’s” that drive the consumers you serve Create personas that represent the key segments […]

Can experiential strategy and design lead to higher growth for banks?

Executive Summary Dr. William G. Dean, Scott Florini, and Evan Briddle Bank branches encompass many elements that influence overall performance. Success rates include measurable market factors, such as the growth of the local economy, in addition to intangibles, such as the branch and sales staff’s acumen. Similar to other retail businesses, such as restaurants, department […]