Prototypes + Rollouts / Strategy → Design → Build → Interiors / Multiple Locations

The Challenge

Healthcare entrepreneurs at Solantic realized that the industry was rapidly changing. Their brand needed to cater not only to patients, but to new patients who acted more like consumers of healthcare.

The Journey

Rebranded under a new name, CareSpot, NewGround helped mirror their updated business model and brand image in the remodeling of 31 facilities, and managing the design/build of 25 new locations. A turnkey clinic set-up program was also created, including equipment and medical supplies.

The Destination

CareSpot’s healthcare centers now do so much more than offer urgent care, wellness care, and occupational health services – they serve as environments that put patients at ease from the moment they pull into the parking lot, to waiting, to exam rooms, to release. Clear way-finding, soothing color palettes, cutting edge technology, and professional staff have helped elevate CareSpot as a leading healthcare provider in the markets they serve.