First Choice Emergency Room

Prototypes + Rollouts / Strategy → Design → Build → Interiors / 6,000 SQ. FT.

The Challenge

First Choice Emergency Room (FCER) provides a comprehensive yet more efficient alternative to conventional hospital-based emergency room services. Founded in 2002 in Dallas, Texas, FCER switched their target focus from development to expansion. Wanting to ensure their patients, rather their customers, have a consistently positive experience, FCER partnered with NewGround to develop a prototype that clearly defines their brand and what they do, yet is efficient and functional in design concept.

The Journey

FCER’s innovative freestanding facilities are fully equipped emergency rooms with state-of-the-art diagnostic technology and on-site labs strategically located within key markets of Texas and Colorado.

The Destination

Using the Patient Journey model, NewGround’s Design Team implemented a seamless flow for patients and an efficient workspace for employees. Pleased with the results of the collaborative design efforts, 6 locations were rolled out in two states. Each FCER location is revolutionizing the delivery of emergency medical services for adult and pediatric traumas.