Panda Express

Prototypes + Renovations + Rollouts / Strategy → Design / Multiple Locations

The Challenge

Sometimes a design is already set in stone, but a client doesn’t know where to go with it. Finding the right site for a project can be tricky, and surveying the site and getting local permits can be tedious and time-consuming. For retail clients, getting locations built fast and efficiently – volume and velocity – is one of the most important aspects of a project.


The Journey

Panda Express wanted to aggressively expand, and NewGround was a perfect fit to match their speed and site survey requirements. Through consistent collaboration and communication, our teams evaluate different sites and conduct surveys, studies, and evaluations to quickly figure out the best approach. By evaluating road conditions, site structure, ground-up or renovation benefits or detriments, and other factors, we’re able to get Panda Express up and running as quickly as possible. NewGround also helps handle the legality and municipality of local and state organizations, an otherwise time-consuming process that Panda Express doesn’t have time for. Furthermore, NewGround handles signage requirements, zoning requirements, landscape requirements, and any other site analysis factors, reporting all potential issues back to Panda Express as quickly as possible.

The Destination

Because of our constant communication, on-site requirements, processes, time frames, and potential challenges, NewGround and Panda Express can execute their design standards, updated protocols, and rollouts quickly, efficiently, and effectively. All clients and their needs are different, but NewGround is proud to be a Panda Express partner and help them bring their visions to life across the country.