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Our team of licensed architects create innovative designs and methodologies to meet your needs for your space and inspire strategic solutions for your floor plan.

  • NewGround’s experienced architects can design projects ranging from branch retail transformation, prototype design/development, retail design, and headquarters design.
  • Our team develops future-proofed design solutions to accommodate the Consumer and Employee Journeys to ensure the space functions effectively for years to come.
  • Through careful planning and analysis, our licensed architects integrate your brand and culture into a physical place that brings your vision for your organization to fruition.

Branch Retail Transformation

Transform your retail spaces to align with evolving consumer expectations and your organization’s strategic goals.

  • Your Branch Retail Transformation can be tailored to a single legacy location or can be developed to refresh your entire branch system.
  • We create a plan to deploy your solution to your network.

Prototype Design/Development

Create an innovative, unique, branded consumer experience across your branch network system while facilitating a consistent, repeatable, branded model.

  • The process begins with a Discovery Session with your key stakeholders and our architects and interior designers. We will conduct structured exercises that have a proven track record of success in helping us glean the insights needed to conceptualize your ideal space.
  • These repeatable models can be executed as new builds and/or retroactively applied to your existing branches.

Retail Design

Create retail environments that enhance each step in your consumer’s journey.

  • Our services encompass projects of all sizes, from Discovery Sessions, architectural services, and our retail environmental team, Studio One25.
  • We strategically highlight your products and services in a way that aligns with your  overall brand and performance goals.
  • Deliver your brand promise at every point of interaction, along with consumer journey, including ITMs, ATMs, cash recyclers, tech bars, hospitality centers, and more.
years in design/build experience
facilities completed
200 sq ft
to 200,000 sq ft spaces

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