Headquarters Training: Your Employees’ Tickets to Success

The main office for a bank or credit union serves many functions for an organization. It serves as a key foundation in your organization’s success for today and in the future. As the leading experts in headquarters strategy, design, and build, NewGround has found several key factors that can directly impact the overall success of an institution, one of which is its ability to properly train new employees. Employee training is a critical part of any business and having the right space to do so is crucial. So, where do you begin when evaluating your headquarters training capabilities?

Space for Large Group Meetings is a Must

When you walk through your headquarters, do you have dedicated space for large group meetings? Can your staff and employees gather together to have team meetings and conferences? If your answer is no, then there might be a problem with your headquarters spacing. Allocating efficient space for large group meetings and conferences means dedicating space specifically for collaboration. Allowing teams to communicate, meet, and grow together will directly tie into a headquarters and organization’s success.

Managers Must Have Space to Train

Even if your headquarters is visually appealing and attracting new talent, you must have the space available to train that new talent. Managers have to be able to have dedicated space to train. Efficient training space is necessary, depending on how large the company is expected to grow and how many new employees will be added to the business. Additionally, training for individual roles varies greatly. For example, when training new customer support employees, it’s important to have space where new employees can shadow and watch someone directly.

“I remember working with a client who identified training as a key factor they had to improve for their customer service support team members. One member would stand and hover over the person they were watching,” says Kevin Blair, CEO/President of NewGround. “The new team member couldn’t concentrate fully, and it was an awkward layout for training. Their new space properly designed training module areas with side-by-side seating, desk space, and technology to support learning a job properly.”

Training is Fun and Allows for Connections

Training new employees doesn’t have to be all work. It should also allow new employees to understand the company culture. New employees should have the opportunity to meet with current staff members and start making connections. They should be introduced to staff they’ll be talking with regularly and begin establishing work relationships. Training can be fun if given the right tools and space for it to be interactive and collaborative.

Training new employees should be exciting; it means your institution is growing and adding new talent to an already existing team. But that excitement can be dashed by improper and ill-equipped working spaces. Give your employees and new staff the opportunity to shine and connect with other team members by properly equipping your headquarters facilities. If your headquarters is holding you back from training new employees, it might be time to reevaluate the facility. Thankfully, NewGround has a team full of industry experts ready to help you plan, strategize, design, and build new facilities.

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