The Power of the Prototype: Embracing Change

Written by Amanda Jasper, Director of Corporate Communications at NewGround So, you’ve strategized and designed your prototype that will drive change across your branch system – but how can you drive change across your staff behavior and interaction? In this final installment of our prototype series, we interviewed NewGround’s Tom Auer, Senior Vice President of […]


Written by Amanda Jasper, Director of Corporate Communications at NewGround   It’s time to face the facts: your branches do not meet current consumer demands and need a fresh design to remain relevant, retain existing consumers, and attract new ones. But the question is: how do you update all locations with a consistent branded environment? […]


Written by Amanda Jasper, Director of Corporate Communications at NewGround   Picture this: your branch system is no longer relevant and lacks technology, which, in turn, no longer attracts consumers. What solutions can help you start transforming your branches? Create a prototype design that all your spaces can be modeled after. In this first installment […]

Race to the Finish Line

Are Retailers Outperforming Banks with Transformation? By: Glory and NewGround In today’s fast-paced society, retailers are making strides and banks need to take notes. Although these are two completely different industries, banks can learn a thing or two from retailers that are creating amazing in-store experiences. “Back from the Dead: What Retailers Can Learn from […]

Using the Knowledge Pyramid to Develop Personas for Successful Business Design

In this white paper, you will learn how to leverage your data and information to better understand the consumers you serve in your financial institution.  After reading this white paper, you will be able to… Leverage your data to understand the “why’s” that drive the consumers you serve Create personas that represent the key segments […]

Pods, Cash Bars, and Teller Lines: The Battle of Banking Options

In today’s modern banking world, designs and technology change rapidly, along with the growing needs of consumers. Financial institutions are serving consumer transactions in a few ways: Traditional teller lines Pods Cash bars So, what are some advantages and disadvantages when using each of these systems? Check them out! Teller Lines Financial institutions first started […]

The TTCU Story: Future Proofing Design

It’s every credit union’s dream to achieve so much success that even their headquarters building runs out of space. How can you design a building that accommodates for future growth? A recent example is TTCU Federal Credit Union’s (TTCU) headquarters—one of NewGround’s most prominent projects to date. We sat down with Jerry Hoopert, Senior Vice […]

Purpose Driven Design: Aligning Brand, Place, and Culture

When it comes to successful service delivery, alignment is perhaps the most important strategy you can invoke in your organization. It ensures that everyone on your team is in sync and understands the top objectives for your organization. How does alignment occur? Alignment happens when organizations combine the three primary elements that make up their […]

NewGround: A Member of US Green Building Council

Designing Environmentally Friendly Spaces More than ever, the effect of our lifestyle on the environment is taken into consideration, and the design and building methods of our projects have a long-lasting impact on the world. At NewGround, we realize the importance of our actions and how they affect the environment, and that’s why we are […]

Connecting Communities: Unite Through Design

As the world changes, so do the needs of the people in our communities. A common attribute that both NewGround and Baker Boyer Bank cherish? Design with humans in mind. We sat down with Mark Kajita, President and CEO of Baker Boyer Bank, along with NewGround’s very own Brad Ritner, Director of Design Strategies, and […]