NewGround: A Member of US Green Building Council

Designing Environmentally Friendly Spaces

More than ever, the effect of our lifestyle on the environment is taken into consideration, and the design and building methods of our projects have a long-lasting impact on the world. At NewGround, we realize the importance of our actions and how they affect the environment, and that’s why we are members of the US Green Building Council and have eighteen members of our Design Team who are LEED accredited. When we partner with a client, we help them understand the ways that their project can be as environmentally friendly as possible and what the initial and long-term cost effects are. Here are a few examples that apply to a building and renovations:

  • Utilizing a larger dumpster to avoid separation issues in using smaller dumpsters
  • Installing materials that are made of recycled products, such as roofing and carpet
  • Including a recharging station for electric cars
  • Adding bike racks, possibly including more than code requires
  • Evaluating the use of solar power and/or a more efficient HVAC system

Green Spaces with Energy Efficiency 
Here at NewGround, we know how important it is for our clients—and the world around us—to “go green” and create energy efficient designs for future generations to come.

What are some prime examples of clients we designed green spaces for? Let’s take a look!

TTCU Federal Credit Union
Tulsa Teachers Credit Union’s (TTCU) new headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma uses a variety of eco-friendly, employee-friendly designs. TTCU encourages employees to maintain their physical fitness, all while helping the environment. TTCU also offers bikes for outside adventures, which decreases car emissions while giving employees an opportunity to exercise!

Custom workout facilities are complete with showers, giving employees convenience in accessibility. Conveniently locating a gym exclusively for TTCU employees allows them to utilize a free workout space that reduces time spent traveling back and forth to another gym or workout area off-site, meaning overall less time on the road and less harmful emissions from vehicles.

Less car emissions, less time wasted, less money spent on an outside gym membership—who wouldn’t want that?

Logix Federal Credit Union
Logix Federal Credit Union’s (Logix) upcoming new headquarters in Valencia, California focuses on LEED-certified materials and designs. Energy codes and building codes eliminate waste and cause the facility to be highly energy efficient.

Logix | Valencia, CA

Built near an existing infrastructure and support system, Logix will be integrated as part of the local community. LEED loves locality, making Logix a prime candidate to be considered a green space.

Logix is in the process of being built on a “brownfield site.” This means the surrounding area has been previously developed. For instance, there are existing adjacent buildings, or buildings that would have to be knocked down to rebuild another. Due to their location, “brownfield sites” are preferred since they are eco-friendlier than building on “greenfield sites,” which would involve cutting down trees and destroying native land.

Logix will also have a solar-powered parking garage, complete with electric car power outlets. Again, reducing vehicle emissions in the air we breathe is not only good for us, but also positive for the world around us.

With rapidly growing technology becoming more affordable, more buildings can implement smarter ways to be environmentally friendly. The less negative environmental impact a space has, the better the design will be for our world now and in the future!

Meet NewGround’s LEED Accredited Employees!
National USGBC – Silver Membership Level

Tom Auer
Bernard Dawkins
Nick DiMercurio
Marcel Esubi
Susan Fischer
David Hard
David Lauchner
Tim Levene
Roger McFarland
Don Miller
Mike Neff
Eric Preuss
Keith Schneider
Deanna Schoen
Jill Schumaier
Vince Smith
Sean Twomey
Alisha Tyler

Missouri Gateway Chapter – Silver Membership Level
Nick DiMercurio
Deanna Schoen
Jill Schumaier

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