Lakeland Credit Union

Bonnyville, Alberta, Canada

Lakeland Credit Union began to outgrow their existing space in Bonnyville, Alberta and knew they needed to create a strategic plan to accommodate for their future growth and development. As an experienced design-build firm known for innovative strategies, they engaged NewGround as the partner of choice for this endeavor. NewGround’s Strategy Team looked at various locations throughout Bonnyville, and ultimately determined that the best location was the one that Lakeland Credit Union already occupied. The building was centrally-located in the middle of town, visible to anyone passing through Bonnyville. However, their space was outdated and presented challenges for expansion. As a solution, they purchased the property next door, razed the existing building, and then built a brand-new office on the same plot.

The NewGround Design Team worked closely with Lakeland Credit Union to create an improved physical manifestation of their brand. The new space is 21,600 square feet and serves as the credit union’s headquarters, housing the main office and a 12,000 square foot branch. Lakeland Credit Union wanted to ensure that their new building would have a strong presence and fulfill a commitment to the community they serve. Since a large component of Bonnyville’s diverse population is young, NewGround delivered a design that was fresh and approachable and represented the credit union’s strong sense of brand.

The exterior attracts attention, with a curved roofline that glows Lakeland Credit Union’s signature blue and green at night, and the natural river rock entrance draws guests into the open and bright interior. The interior design incorporates many natural elements, such as wood and stone with pops of the Lakeland Credit Union brand colors throughout the lobby. The teller line incorporates Cash Recycling Technology to improve efficiency and the member experience.  Both the teller line and concierge desk, through impeccable design provides a more modern and welcoming ambiance.

The only challenge during the build process was a brief shortage of skilled trade workers during the oil boom in the north. However, this challenge did not derail NewGround’s ability to finish the project on time.

Proud of their new building and what they had accomplished, Lakeland Credit Union entered their new facility for the Achievement in Marketing Excellence (AIME) awards program for the Marketing Association of Credit Unions (MACU). They were successful, receiving top recognition with an AIME award.

The credit union continues to experience growth and now has a space that will serve them for many years in the future.

5thLargest CU in Alberta

21,600Square Feet

MACUAward Winner


“Not only is our branch at the epi-centre of our community by location, but now the pride of our marketplace as a fresh new take on what trusted advice in modern banking looks like. Members and staff are welcomed by the energetic colour palette and embraced by a well thought out floor plan and design. This building has evoked a genuine sense of pride in credit union ownership.”

                              - Amber Hughes, VP, Marketing and HR