The Impact of Renovations in Hospitality

The hospitality industry is constantly evolving, with changing customer preferences and fierce competition. To stay ahead in this dynamic industry, it’s crucial for hotels and other hospitality businesses to undertake regular renovations and maintenance cycles. This not only helps to cater to changing aesthetic preferences but also ensures positive guest experiences. You Can’t Run from […]

Is it Time to Refresh Your Branch Design?

It can be difficult for financial institutions to decide when it’s the right time to refresh their branch designs. We get it—it’s a big, juicy, meaningful decision. Finding the right answer for your organization begins with assessment and understanding. With the rapid advancement of technology and changing consumer preferences, it’s important to keep up with […]

NewGround: Your One-Stop Shop from Strategy to Sustainability

At NewGround, we know that design is only one piece of the puzzle. That’s why we offer a range of services that include not only design and construction but also branding and strategy. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive, one-stop shop for all your physical space needs, with services we tailor to meet your […]

Habits and Hearsay: Truths of Consumer Changes

Before 2020, consumers of all ages were already shifting their bank activity to online channels like websites and mobile applications. Public and institutional responses to the emergence of COVID-19 accelerated those trends. Many banking consumers who had been reluctant to adopt digital service channels did so during the pandemic out of necessity. Although the shift […]

What an Organization’s Headquarters Means for Its Brand

Make the Connection between Your Brand and Your Operations Like any good story, branding is all about intention, execution, and reception. A strong brand represents your organizational values and helps your audience connect those values with a name, building, logo, slogan, or any other established branded elements. Organizations use branding to represent their intended corporate […]

3 Things You Must Consider Before Dividing Your Headquarters into Multiple Office Locations

The only constant in life and the marketplace is change. Change demands decisions from leadership, especially in the context of a growing organization. When faced with challenges of growth, such as occupancy and physical space needs, the response can often be reactive. Quick, inexpensive fixes are adopted, acting as temporary solutions to much larger, more […]

How Your Headquarters Can Help You Recruit and Retain Top Talent

The labor market is currently very competitive. Unemployment in the banking sector has fallen back down to pre-pandemic levels. Cost of living increases have helped cause prevailing wages to nudge steadily upward, and a workforce that diligently adapted to work-from-home conditions now expects remote work to be an option going forward. These conditions have contributed […]

Navigate the Challenges of a Network Transformation Rollout

Businesses should update their retail branches regularly to maintain their appeal to their consumers. Some updates to branches include furniture, branding, or technological upgrades. Others update their branches if they need more resources, care, or attention based on the area. In order to properly rollout a new branch network, clients should consider three key factors: […]

Growing, Consolidating, or Merging? Time for a Network Transformation

In the event that more than one branch needs to be updated, changed, or redesigned, it is considered a branch network transformation. Ideally, a financial institution would plan to have all of its branches updated within a short time period to maintain a consistent brand and public appearance. Consumers most frequently interact with your branches, […]

What Lies at the Core of Environmental Graphics?

Incorrect — Environmental graphics are graphics pertaining to the natural world, sustainability, or the environment. If you thought the definition above was correct, you’re not the only one. For many people, hearing the word “environmental” automatically makes them think of green recycling signs, sustainability initiatives, or messages relating to the earth itself. None of these […]