How Your Headquarters Can Help You Recruit and Retain Top Talent

The labor market is currently very competitive. Unemployment in the banking sector has fallen back down to pre-pandemic levels. Cost of living increases have helped cause prevailing wages to nudge steadily upward, and a workforce that diligently adapted to work-from-home conditions now expects remote work to be an option going forward. These conditions have contributed to a tight labor market. However, when it comes to recruiting and retaining top talent, the competition has always been fierce and always will be.

Exceed the Expectations of Prospective Talent

Financial institutions that hope to build and sustain an exceptional workforce must offer competitive compensation and benefits. But that’s not all your candidates are looking for in a job.

Your organization’s culture, values, and team dynamics all make a difference when folks are choosing a place to work. Working conditions, amenities, flexibility, and work-life balance are all values you can leverage to make working for your organization more appealing.

As you consider the value proposition you offer to job candidates, consider how your headquarters space can help you enhance those values.

Your headquarters can help you make powerful first impressions when you need to most. State-of-the-art amenities, collaborative workspaces, and beautiful design contribute to your headquarters space and provide practical ways to embody the organizational values that prospects are looking for.

How Can You Assess and Improve Your Headquarters Space?

An outdated headquarters can restrict your operational flexibility and collaborative capacity. Prospective business partners, customers, and talent have plenty of options when it comes to what banks or financial institutions they want to work with.

NewGround has an over 100-year history of designing and building headquarters for financial institutions. We examine several key factors that tie directly to success in talent recruiting and retention.

Safety: Does your headquarters meet modern security and safety standards, as well as trends for mitigating the spread of infectious disease?

Technology: Is your headquarters space equipped with technology that empowers your team and accommodates work-from-home and hybrid schedules?

Attraction: Does your headquarters feature amenities such as spacious break areas, reliable wi-fi, comfortable and capable workstations, or a fitness center?

Retention: Does your headquarters give your organization room to grow? Does it give your team reasons to stay?

Training: Is your headquarters ready to host corporate training or hybrid training for those working from home?

START on Your Headquarters

You can’t take positive action without fully understanding your challenges and the solutions you need. For some organizations, the need for a new headquarters space is clear. New construction or major renovations necessitate a thoughtful strategy for how to improve their headquarters.

In some cases, smaller changes can make a tremendous impact. But leaders at every level need information before they can make the right decisions. This is where NewGround enters the picture.

Our industry experts offer their insights and recommendations based on proven methods of assessment and a wealth of knowledge. A simple way to get started is to get your NewGround Headquarters Scorecard. Following a simple questionnaire, our subject matter experts can help you understand the most pressing needs of your headquarters space and your options for addressing them.

Click here to obtain your own Headquarters Scorecard and get the process started. No matter what, your organization will invest in its headquarters. Get the data you need to ensure those investments put you in a better position to attract and retain top talent.


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