Navigate the Challenges of a Network Transformation Rollout

Businesses should update their retail branches regularly to maintain their appeal to their consumers. Some updates to branches include furniture, branding, or technological upgrades. Others update their branches if they need more resources, care, or attention based on the area. In order to properly rollout a new branch network, clients should consider three key factors:

  • Technology
  • Location
  • Brand Consistency

Technology doesn’t just encompass shiny new computers or displays; it can also mean amenities to showcase branding, environmental graphics, or website tutorials. Tablets can also be utilized and provided for consumers who fall under the “self-helper” category. Sometimes new ATMs or machines are needed depending on the branch locations, while others might not need as much technological support.

If a location has already been determined, then the design and layout of the individual branch still have to be customized. A network transformation rollout implies that clients have already decided on general brand specifications and designs, but those brands and designs still have to be individually reflected in the location itself. Each location is different, and consumers appreciate when a location is catered to their specific area.

Brand consistency is the backbone of a network transformation rollout. New brand standards, design choices, and environmental graphics should remain consistent across the branch locations. While each location should be individually customized depending on where it is and what the space looks like, the brand itself should remain the same. Consumers should always be able to enter a space and know what business it represents.

The Overall Key to Network Rollouts Lies in Strategy.

Strategy can help you understand your network before the rollout begins and work with you as the rollout process continues. Network transformation strategies can evaluate each location and understand which locations can best serve your organization and which locations need more help to overcome challenges. Without a proper strategy, network rollouts face greater challenges and larger hurdles to overcome.

Our Strategy Team at NewGround are experts in branch network transformations and rollouts, and NewGround can provide you with all the resources from beginning to end. From strategy to design to construction and project management, NewGround has an entirely in-house team ready to help.

If you’d like to see your branches’ individual health firsthand, take our free Branch Growth Snapshot and get a first look at your network potential.

If you’d like to reach out to us directly and hear how we can help your network or individual project, Connect with Us here!


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