Designing Next-Generation Branches: Engaging Millennials and Gen Z Consumers

Digital Integration and Seamless Experiences The dramatic shift toward digital banking has been pronounced in every age bracket, with younger generations in particular prioritizing digital services over the in-person experience. But as Millennials and Gen Z consumers age into more complex banking needs like mortgage services and business loans, financial institutions can remain competitive by […]

Embracing Flexibility: Dynamic Design for Financial Institution

The ability to adapt effectively offers an advantage in any market. For example, points of contact with consumers have to meet and exceed expectations that are constantly changing. As consumers increasingly turn to digital-first banking experiences, the need for flexibility in financial institution design has never been more critical. Spaces that can evolve alongside industry […]

Design and Tech Synergize to Elevate Retail Experiences

The future of retail lies at the intersection of design and technology. In the retail design space, we’ve seen firsthand how combining innovative design principles with cutting-edge technology can create immersive and memorable customer experiences. Even in the realm of optimization, technology is helping retailers fine-tune their store layouts, using machine learning to track and […]

Greening Hospitality: Innovations in Sustainable Design Practices

In an era where environmental consciousness is at the forefront of global concerns, the hospitality industry is embracing sustainable design practices to minimize its environmental impact while appealing to eco-conscious guests. From green materials to energy-saving technologies, hotels are adopting innovative solutions to create more sustainable and environmentally friendly spaces. Health and Energy-Saving Technologies One […]

Crafting Memorable Hospitality Experiences: Designing Environments that Delight

In the vibrant and competitive world of hospitality, creating memorable experiences is paramount. While exceptional service and outstanding amenities play a crucial role, the physical environment itself holds tremendous power to captivate guests and leave a lasting impression. At NewGround, we know that environments matter, and our comprehensive approach to design ensures every aspect of […]

Designing for Accessibility: Modern and Inclusive Banking Spaces

Inclusivity and accessibility are essential elements of any public-facing design. Financial institutions recognize the importance of ensuring that their banking spaces are welcoming and accessible to all. For NewGround, a firm specializing in creating branded spaces, inclusivity goes beyond legal requirements—it’s a fundamental part of our design ethos. Why it Matters Banking customers come from […]

Transforming Financial Institutions: Navigating Change with Effective Change Management

In the dynamic landscape of financial services, change is the only constant. Evolving customer expectations, technological advancements, and regulatory demands pose significant challenges to financial institutions. Now more than ever, effective change management is an ongoing need. In this article, we will explore the role of change management in financial institutions and how it empowers […]

Transforming Retail Spaces: How Strategic Assessment Drives Performance and Growth

Retail spaces have to evolve as quickly as consumer preferences. Retailers need constant innovation and optimization to stay ahead of the curve and provide experiences that surpass expectations. One of the critical factors in achieving success is the strategic assessment of existing retail networks. By thoroughly evaluating current performance and identifying opportunities for improvement, retailers […]

How Financial Institutions can Adapt to Hybrid Work Environments

As new technologies continue to reshape the way we work, many banks and financial institutions are turning to hybrid work environments to balance the benefits of remote work with the need for in-person collaboration. But adapting to this new way of working requires careful consideration of the needs of employees, clients, and physical space. At […]