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What We Do

Using strategy as our north star, we design and build custom facilities. Our team collaborates throughout the entire process to ensure that your vision is carried holistically from idea to implementation. We believe that structure without strategic purpose is just windows and walls, and that a beautiful building is measured by how beautifully it functions. We look in, then build up.

  • Strategy

    • Market Studies
    • Growth and Space Projections
    • Discovery
    • Ideation
  • Design

    • Programming
    • Conceptual Design
    • Schematic Design
    • Design Development
    • Construction Documents
  • Build

    • Estimating
    • Bidding
    • Construction Management
    • Construction Administration

How We Think

We define success as a building that creates experiences that are a clear extension of your brand. For example: If your business identifies as a technological innovator, your space should reflect that with tech-forward design. As a measure of success, we make sure that the building we create aligns with your brand and your culture.

  • This is your promise to the world. Deeper than a website and harder-working than any brochure, your brand is most powerful when it’s reflected in both your employees and your building.

  • Here’s where we translate the “who” of your brand into a “what.” It’s not just exteriors and interiors we’re crafting: We’re guiding the feeling consumers have when they leave your rooms and the pride employees feel while working inside them. It’s design with exacting purpose.

  • Your brand and your place need to inform your culture, and vice versa. This ensures that your people are aligned with your company’s goals. Your people are your most coveted asset. They carry the thread of your brand all the way to the end.

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How We Live

Grounded in Communities
Creating a positive experience by being impactful members of the communities we serve is in NewGround’s DNA. Through Grounded in Communities, NewGround is committed to building communities by contributing to programs, people, charities and other organizations such as the Pujols Family Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, and the United Way.

Whether we are providing donations in partnership with our clients, serving local charities, supporting our staff in their personal efforts, or raising money for awareness for research organizations, NewGround-and the employees who make up our company-show support and compassion through our outreach efforts.

At NewGround, our mission is to empower the communities in which we work and live by providing them with the resources they need to be successful.

Who We Are

At NewGround, you’ll find a team of creative collaborators who know that you must put equal thought into where and how you work. This notion has been our livelihood for over a century.

Since being founded over 100 years ago, we have successfully designed or built over 15,000 facilities, ranging from large corporate headquarters to dynamic retail experiences.

Our History

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