Alaska USA Federal Credit Union Celebrates Soft Opening

Renton branch opens its doors with new wireless service capabilities

CHESTERFIELD, Mo., July 24, 2020–NewGround, a St. Louis-based innovative architecture, design, and project management firm, recently celebrated the soft opening of Alaska USA Federal Credit Union’s new branch in Renton, Washington.

Located within their 28,000 square foot administrative building, the new 2,500 square foot space serves as a breakout design, being the first wireless consulting branch serving members with a more innovative experience. With a living room-type feel, the space provides a much more comfortable area for staff and members alike and features a large branded blue marketing wall and graphic wall environmental package, bringing Alaska USA’s brand to life.

Housing multiple business lines such as insurance and mortgage loan staff, staff can serve members in whatever consultation space suits the member’s purpose. Creating the optimal experience for the member while allowing for social distancing and improved health and safety protocols gives Alaska USA a competitive advantage.

NewGround provided design services, an environmental package, and furniture selection for the Renton branch, working with FI Strategies who provided on-site training for all Alaska USA staff.

Together, Alaska USA and NewGround have partnered on multiple projects as part of a Master Services Agreement.

“We are proud to be selected as Alaska USA’s premier strategic design partner on another project, and we wish them all the success in their new space in Renton using wireless service capabilities,” said Kevin Blair, President and CEO at NewGround.

About NewGround

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