A Brand That Soars Like an Eagle

Project Snapshot

Spanning a 10-year partnership, NewGround’s robust portfolio with U.S. Eagle FCU projects includes four ground-up facilities and a recently developed prototypical design, which is being applied to new locations across their branch system.


With a strong desire to replace existing outdated branches, U.S. Eagle FCU hired NewGround to help with the new branch design concepts through “out of the box” innovative design thinking to adapt to evolving market needs.


Since the beginning of their partnership with NewGround, the branded spaces begin by drawing from a solid design framework, which made creating unique building design elements much easier. U.S. Eagle FCU embraces its updated brand with bright colors and abstracted forms across each new location. In each new space, a suspended eagle sculpture can be found hanging in the lobby atrium.


The suspended eagle is supposed to represent “brand embodiment,” or a physical distillation of their brand, and be a highly visible element from both the interior lobby and the exterior. Crafted from a lightweight stretched fabric sculpture over an aluminum frame, the eagle serves as an eye-catching, branded focal piece that becomes U.S. Eagle FCU’s signature design element.

80% of consumers would be willing to try a new business if the design was clean and inviting – making it clear that these first impressions of your brand have a significant impact on your bottom line.

“Thanks for the excellent work, and we are looking forward to building many more branches with you all.”

Mike Moore | CFO
U.S. Eagle Federal Credit Union