Bringing Culture and Company Heritage to Light with Pat’s Pantry Marquee Sign

Project Snapshot

Greater Texas Federal Credit Union (GTFCU) partnered with NewGround to design and construct a new corporate headquarters that could support their success and growth. This resulted in a 44,800 square foot building located in Austin, Texas that highlighted local culture and company history.


Not only did GTFCU need a new building to fit their growing numbers, but they also wanted a space that would pay homage to their local Austin culture as well as their current and past employees. In particular, GTFCU wanted a way to honor a recently retired employee, Patricia Aldridge. Pat was a fundamental member of GTFCU, having dedicated many years and hard work to their development and expansion. She was the Executive Vice President for the Credit Union and is credited as instrumental in the growth and success of GTFCU. GTFCU knew they wanted to honor Pat by naming their breakroom Pat’s Pantry, but they didn’t know how to make the area stand out and leave the same lasting impact that Pat herself did.


Kevin Brouillette, the in-house Environmental Graphic Designer assigned to GTFCU’s headquarters project, had already begun preliminary research into the local area of Austin, Texas, and started to draw inspiration from the landmarks and artwork around him. “I do preamble research, learn about the community, learn about the region, what the landscape is like, and what we can do to bring more of a localized culture into the design process,” Kevin said. Through his research, he discovered some of the unique art and culture of Austin, including a well-known mural on 6th Street. Kevin said that this mural inspired the look of what would become a key environmental graphic for Pat’s Pantry.


After discussing the idea with GTFCU, Kevin got to work on developing environmental graphics for Pat’s Pantry. Kevin took a concept and developed it into a unique and dazzling display. The breakroom is full of bright colors and murals, similar to the murals Kevin drew inspiration from in Austin itself. The biggest and brightest feature of the room is a large, illuminated marquee sign that reads “Pat’s Pantry.” The sign was a collaborative effort between NewGround’s team and GTFCU, who both worked to bring the culture of Austin and the company itself into the design. Not only that, but Kevin said that the marquee sign was an excellent opportunity to explore the impact of electrical signage and lights on a space, and how it can positively affect employees.

Pat was the Executive Vice President for the Credit Union and is credited as instrumental in the growth and success of GTFCU.

“One of the beautiful things about environmental graphics is that it makes the employees more excited about the brand where they work.”

Kevin Brouillette, Senior Environmental Graphic Designer