Capitalizing on Local Neighborhood Foot Traffic

Project Snapshot

With a recent merger, Rosedale Federal Savings & Loan Association acquired a dated, 4,220 square foot retail branch location in the heart of the town. The location had not been remodeled in nearly 25 years.


Looking to attract the younger clientele moving into the surrounding neighborhoods, Rosedale sought out a design partner who understood how to revitalize and modernize an existing branch while considering key design elements that would ensure the building became a fixture in the community.


Rosedale wanted to create a more inviting facility focusing on an improved customer experience. Knowing their location could capitalize off main street pedestrian traffic, NewGround designed a new glass entry plaza off the sidewalk to raise curb appeal and house a smart ATM. Offering an easily accessible branch in a stunning branded space will only improve both the customer and employee experiences.


Integrating and connecting with the local community remains a key focus for Rosedale Federal Savings & Loan Association to best serve their customers for many years to come in their fresh, modern banking space.

Project Architect: Bill Bily

Interior Designer: Kate Bechard

Increasing mobility: an overall 15% increase in foot traffic boosted from peak pandemic to early recovery stages across the U.S.

“This branch transformation for Rosedale Federal Savings & Loan Association turned out beautifully, and we are proud to have helped them renovate their newly-acquired space to better serve their customers and represent their brand in a much more inviting facility.”

NewGround President + CEO Kevin Blair