Efficient, Sustainable Materials Build a Future-Proofed HQ

Project Snapshot

Fort Sill Federal Credit Union (FCU) partnered with NewGround using design, project management, and environmental design services for their new two-story 26,760 square foot headquarters space in Lawton, Oklahoma, completed in May 2021. 


Knowing their new headquarters facility would need to withstand the test of time, Fort Sill FCU looked to NewGround to create a next-generation world-class building, which would require efficient, sustainable materials inside and out. Selecting the proper materials to follow health, safety, and sustainability needs to navigate the complexities of the new world order throughout the pandemic remained as a top priority to ensure the new headquarters would prove successful. 


Health and safety needs are addressed through low-maintenance interior finishes selected to reduce the need for harsh cleaning processes. Abrasive walk-off carpet in vestibules reduce debris from entering the building and increase overall air quality95% of the interior finishes have zero to low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions. Contactless, high-efficiency water fixtures, toilets, and faucets in addition to hand sanitizer dispensers can also be found throughout areas of the branded space.


Using local building materials whenever possible, efficiency and sustainability play a key role in the overall design and construction of Fort Sill FCU’s new headquarters space. With high-efficiency glass on all exterior windows, window shades, upgraded HVAC system, sound masking system, and high-efficiency LED lighting with occupancy sensors, the space provides an efficientsustainable working environment for both members and staff alike. 

Senior Project Architect: Bill Bily 

Senior Interior Designer: Kate Bechard 

“We are proud to have partnered with Fort Sill FCU on their new branded headquarters space and we wish them the utmost success serving the Lawton community for many years to come through their efficient, eye-catching facility. 

Kevin Blair, NewGround President and CEO