Ergonomic Furniture and Distanced Workstations Promote Employee Well-Being

Project Snapshot

Fort Sill Federal Credit Union (FCU) partnered with NewGround using design, project management, and environmental design services for their new two-story 26,760 square foot headquarters space in Lawton, Oklahoma, completed in May 2021. 


The executive team at Fort Sill FCU had many must-haves for their new corporate space. One of those needs was a desire to provide each employee the most comfortable space to work. An optimal solution to accommodate that is through office furniture that promotes proper posture and movability. However, during this process, Fort Sill FCU and NewGround faced the challenges of designing a comfortable space for their employees that was also now safely distanced. Looking to NewGround for expertise in ergonomic furniture and space planning, the credit union’s leadership took a hands-on approach to promote the overall well-being of their staff. 


As premier partners with top-tier furniture manufacturers like Kimball and Knoll, NewGround recommended flexible, cutting-edge furniture throughout each workspace. Employees would have ergonomic height-adjustable furniture to choose whether to sit or stand – a choice Fort Sill FCU’s executive team wanted to ensure they gave their staff. Their team tested various chair options themselves to ensure their staff got the best chair, as each design decision was driven by overall employee comfort and happiness. 


To comply with current health and safety design recommendations, office furniture and workstations are based six feet apart utilizing panels as barriers to enhance health, safety, and acoustics. More furniture options may be considered down the road as COVID restrictions subside. Two quiet rooms allow employees to take personal, private calls and provide opportunities for “heads down” moments to focus without interruptions. Through strategic partnership with these industry-leading furniture manufacturers, NewGround’s discount buying power ultimately provided numerous cost-savings on the overall furniture package for Fort Sill FCU’s new world-class headquarters. 

Senior Project Architect: Bill Bily 

Senior Interior Designer: Kate Bechard 



“We are proud to have partnered with Fort Sill FCU on their new branded headquarters space and we wish them the utmost success serving the Lawton community for many years to come through their efficient, eye-catching facility. 

Kevin Blair, NewGround President and CEO