Fresh, New Design Team Elevates a Brand Presence in True North Square

Project Snapshot

In the booming city of Winnipeg, a unique idea unlike anything else around came to fruition – True North Square. An exciting hotspot owned by the NHL’s Winnipeg Jets, leased spaces in the Square are in a prime location with great visibility and high foot traffic. New restaurants, shops, and a high-end grocery store also occupy the Square. Assiniboine Credit Union jumped at the opportunity to secure their space and needed a designer to help them stand out to attract more members in the area.


Assiniboine wanted a fresh concept from a new design partner with expertise in credit union design trends and a different perspective for the branch in this mixed-use development. The task was to create, develop, and build a new 4,000 square foot branded prototype flagship branch and strengthen Assiniboine’s presence in this busy, lively public Square.


NewGround’s Design Team wanted to incorporate a sleek, modern, cutting-edge design to elevate the branch and stand out amongst its surroundings. In an open concept floor plan, the facility features a white, high industrial ceiling with floating hexagonal panels that were budget-friendly but make a grand appeal, while bringing the outside in with greenery and neutral flooring and finishes. Assiniboine’s branded space overlooks the Square, with gatherings outside of the stadium as a focal point to draw in more members. The curvature of the exterior glass creates a stunning, contemporary space that allows for prime visibility and natural light to flood the facility, catching the public’s eye as they peruse the area.


In addition to the attractive exterior that parallels the design of the Square, above-ground walking areas, called the Winnipeg Skywalk, are also integrated within Assiniboine’s branch to bring more members to the space easily even in frigid winter temperatures. Assiniboine’s brand-new look and feel are executed through this prototype design and will continue to attract the surrounding guests in this prime location for many years to come.

Project Architect: Greg Ward

Interior Designer: Caroline Hearn

Construction Manager: Ron Junker

At over 1 million square feet when completed, True North Square offers something for everyone – from shopping to dining to meeting with one of True North Square’s business tenants, Winnipeg’s newest iconic mixed development creates a memorable, engaging experience.

“We are proud to be Assiniboine Credit Union’s partner to design their Winnipeg branch. This project stands as a true testament of how NewGround delivers our projects stronger and faster, no matter what circumstances are thrown our way.”

Greg Ward, President, NewGround Canada