Raising Curb Appeal With an Iconic Glass Tower

Project Snapshot

Spanning a 10-year partnership, NewGround’s robust portfolio with U.S. Eagle FCU projects includes four ground-up facilities and a recently developed prototypical design, which is being applied to new locations across their branch system.


With a strong desire to replace existing outdated branches, U.S. Eagle FCU hired NewGround to help with the new branch design concepts through “out of the box” innovative design thinking to adapt to evolving market needs.


For the overall design of U.S. Eagle FCU’s buildings, NewGround’s Designer/Planner Alisha Tyler took a lot of inspiration from their brand colors and the shape of their logo, working that into as many elements as possible while creating a signature and iconic branch that was unmistakably U.S. Eagle FCU.


The canopies and curved roof mimic the rounded edges of the eagle’s wings and the brand tower serves as a beacon. The iconic brand tower is often the first thing someone sees upon approaching the branch and is a modern take on a traditional clock tower that you might see in an older branch. The double-height glass atrium also gives the building additional height and visibility for an enhanced street presence while allowing a clear view into all of the beautiful designs in the lobby.

95% of consumers consider exterior appearance an important factor when deciding upon a place to do business.

“Thanks for the excellent work, and we are looking forward to building many more branches with you all.”

Mike Moore | CFO

U.S. Eagle Federal Credit Union