Virtual Designing Through a Lidar-Based Photographic System

Project Snapshot

With over a decade of partnership as a returning NewGround client, East Coast Credit Union embarked on a journey to refresh their multi-branch network in a dramatic systemwide branded space transformation. In a bold decision at the height of the pandemic in July 2020, East Coast Credit Union partnered once again with NewGround for the Elmsdale project.


Designing and building during a pandemic was no easy feat, yet NewGround was determined to keep moving stronger and faster than ever before. To uphold health and safety protocols and restrictions on travel in Canada, NewGround needed a new, proprietary method to accurately assess and measure the existing branch while working remotely.


Using an innovative lidar-based photographic system, the camera generates a panoramic floorplan bouncing a light throughout the space. This unique system allowed NewGround to get a full tour of the building – from seeing where information technology equipment is housed, to viewing each office space, and every nook and cranny.


Thanks to this fast-paced, cutting-edge technology, the 2,300 square foot branch project was designed and constructed quickly so that East Coast Credit Union’s staff could reoccupy the branch within five months and would be fully completed within six months. Impressed by the precision of the lidar-based photographic system, NewGround’s designers plan to utilize the same tool in each new renovation project going forward.

Project Architect: Greg Ward

Construction Manager: Ron Junker

Using ultraviolet, visible or near-infrared light, lidar systems map spatial relationships and shapes by measuring the time it takes for signals to bounce off objects and return to the scanner.

“We are proud of the numerous accomplishments that our Canadian Team has achieved over our 10-year partnership, and we are excited to continue serving clients in this branch system for many more years to come.”

Greg Ward, President, NewGround Canada