DATCU Headquarters

Financial & HQ Corporate
Corinth, TX

The key difference between a nicely designed building and a great one is planning. As a financial institution ready to invest in a new headquarters, asking yourself the big-picture strategic questions early on means better opportunity, relevancy, and effectiveness for your structure in the future.

When DATCU made the decision to build, they knew that their most pressing need was to unify staff under the same roof. More space was needed, and the original thought was an expansion of their downtown campus. They needed an advisor to evaluate and walk them through their various options. We presented ourselves as this advisor, willing to see the trajectory of the company through the eyes of a DATCU employee. As a strategic design-build firm who specializes in mapping out the daily journeys of staff members—how they enter the building or take their lunch break—they chose to align themselves with NewGround.


Our first task was to analyze DATCU’s downtown buildings and determine if the headquarters could live there successfully. We looked at their long-term personnel requirements and presented multiple possible solutions that allowed them to either remain downtown or build fresh elsewhere. Through market research and financial planning that laid out timelines for the headquarters inclusive of their projected growth, it was determined that a new building made for a smarter investment with a minimized risk.

One guiding factor in this was unearthed in our Discovery session with DATCU. Listening intently, we heard that DATCU was an incredibly employee-centric brand. It cared for its employees and their quality of life both in and outside of the workplace. Because of this, DATCU also had an aggressive employee growth projection. Collaborating on fresh renderings that weren’t obligated by location to the current 5 building campus in downtown Denton, the conclusion was made that new construction at a different location was the most effective solution to move forward. 

For us, this is really exciting. Never in our life have we done something to prepare for the future, it’s always been sort of catch-up.

— DATCU CEO Dale Kimble


It was time to build a place where, quite simply, people wanted to work. Since our Discovery session gave us a peek into DATCU’s thought process, we decided to keep the building to 2 floors enabling employees to work more closely together. We built in a collaborative zone, centralized in the middle of the building and surrounded by glass to feel open and inviting. 

With a projected hiring boom, we needed to add modern touches that would attract millennials. We drew in multiple outdoor terraces for lunching in the sun and bathrooms were outfitted with specialty features to increase employee comfort. Adjacent to the ladies restrooms we designed nursing mother’s rooms with refrigerators, comfortable chairs and doors for complete privacy. 

Even the office layout was geared toward DATCU staff’s maximized happiness. From maximized light permeation to departmental adjacencies, we got sign-off on our plans and set out to break ground. 

Every project comes with its own set of challenges. With enough expertise, these obstacles become a puzzle to solve: revealing new opportunities in their solutions.


Every project comes with its own set of challenges. With enough expertise, these obstacles become a puzzle to solve: revealing new opportunities in their solutions.

Due to neighborhood proximity concerns and planning and zoning committee issues, securing a site for DATCU headquarters proved to be nearly a year-long challenge. Originally slated to live on church grounds in Denton, TX, DATCU had to research alternatives when Denton’s Planning and Zoning Commission voted against a zoning request.

NewGround stood shoulder-to-shoulder with DATCU through city council meetings and neighborhood get-togethers, and all were delighted when Corinth, TX rose to the top as the ultimate selection. We determined that the soil was of good quality and that the site would prove to be highly visible, located directly off a major interstate and intersection.  


Concrete was poured. Stone was laid. Gorgeous furniture systems were purchased and installed. With sharp hunter green branding elements, DATCU's new headquarters stands out in Corinth as an institution in its new community. The building was completed in April of 2016.



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