The retail environment is the best place to provide a differentiated experience.


We don’t design in a vacuum. In order to create a consumer experience reflective of your brand, we’ll ask a lot of questions and perform extensive due diligence. A key step in this hands-on process is a workshop with your senior leaders to uncover the insights that lead to efficient and effective design.

Prototype Development

A business model exercise structured to define and design your uniquely branded retail experience, this next-gen design approach can be deployed with consistency and cost efficiency into new and existing locations to deepen consumer relationships and drive growth and profitability.


NewGround’s specialized, fast-moving creative design team brings a new attitude to the design world.  Staffed by subject matter experts from various aspects of retail strategy and design, our approach knows how to find the balance between functionality, aesthetics, and cost to bring just the right solution for your brand.


Ideas and strategies to help you build your vision

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