Branded Spaces Start with Strategy

Design an Environment that Embodies Your Brand

What is a brand if it doesn’t inform your space? After all, your brand is the framework through which all your consumer interactions are made. Naturally, that applies to every way consumers interact. Your brand’s values should be present and communicated through every consumer experience you design.

If your brand represents expertise, then your staff will need to exhibit that expertise to stay true to the brand promise. Perhaps one of your brand values has to do with security and stability. If that’s the case, it’s crucial to embody and communicate that value online and in person.

In other words, you have two main goals when it comes to carrying out your brand’s promise: say it and do it. “Say it” has everything to do with how you market your brand’s values, and “do it” is all about following through.

With well-designed branded spaces, you have the distinct opportunity to communicate your brand and deliver on that message at the same time. However, if you don’t approach branded space design with a clear strategy, you may find that your consumers either don’t recognize your brand’s values, or their experience doesn’t reflect those values.

Revisit, Refine, and Reflect Your Brand Strategy

When NewGround collaborates with clients to design branded spaces, we begin by revisiting the brand strategy. Where brands need revision and refinement, we work with clients to discover how their brand is currently perceived and how that could improve. Whether or not a brand’s values are already clearly defined, we reach a consensus on what the brand strategy will be moving forward and design physical spaces that embody those values.

Considerations regarding flow of foot traffic, service level technologies implemented, and even aesthetic choices all happen downstream of a solid brand strategy. Once that brand strategy is agreed upon and understood internally, branded spaces can be designed around the needs of staff and consumers, allowing the organization in question to follow through on its brand promise consistently.


NewGround’s approach to brand strategy and branded spaces starts with a conversation. We have cultivated a team of specialists who can guide the process from a broad focus strategy discussion to the detailed choices you make about your branded spaces. 

If you want to get the conversation started, contact NewGround today at  

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