Discover The Foundational Elements of Your Brand

What’s in a brand? An organization by any other name could deliver the same value to its members, right? Not necessarily. In fact, your organization’s brand identity has a direct impact on the experience of your average consumer. For instance, if one of your brand values is the privacy and security of member information, you will enhance their consumer experience and confidence by expressing that value.

Brand values can be expressed in a myriad of ways, including names, logos, company policies, employee conduct—and of course—in the physical space that your business or organization occupies. A brand identity comes together when a brand’s values align with external and internal brand expression within an organization.

Every business and organization has a brand. Whether or not that brand aligns with and serves the goals of the organization depends on two main factors:

  • The strategic groundwork done to create the brand
  • Ongoing brand implementation with continuous improvement

A Blueprint for Your Brand Strategy

NewGround partners with clients to discover and define their brand strategy. We do this through a process of extensive market research and creative collaboration that results in a multi-faceted Brand Strategy Blueprint. Our process is thoughtful, data-driven, and transformative for organizations that need to revise or refresh their brand and physical space.

How do we assemble the building blocks of your brand?
  • Discovery
    We analyze existing market research, emerging consumer research, as well as internal data to better understand your organization and its opportunities within the marketplace. Next, we conduct site visits and conduct naming and branding workshops to explore possibilities for your organization.
  • Strategy
    We undertake the strategic development of new names and brands, as needed, with input and approval from key stakeholders along the way.
  • Naming
    The revision of an existing brand name or the creation of a new one takes place after intense strategic analysis. After rounds of revisions and a trademark search, we make an official recommendation for your Board of Directors to approve.
  • Development
    We help our clients develop and define their corporate identity. Visual elements such as logos, branded color palettes, fonts, and more are established and codified in a brand guidelines manual.
  • Expression
    A brand is expressed in physical spaces through environmental application, but your consumer experience goes beyond the four walls of your building. We help with branding for websites and mobile apps, digital ads, as well as traditional advertising and collateral.
  • Rollout
    From your internal interior design to retail deployment, we create a launch campaign to introduce your team and members to the new brand, with ongoing campaigns for brand implementation.

Capture the Essence of Your Brand

Teams of subject matter experts and data analysts at Newground know what it takes to help you strategize, define, and implement a brand strategy that truly aligns with your organizational goals.

If you want to build your brand blueprint, get the conversation started today. Download a free copy of our Brand Blueprint booklet to better understand the building blocks of your brand.


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